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  1. Find the Latest Floor Sander Rental

    If your flooring is looking dull, why not enhance it with a floor sander? Here, Floor Sander Hire explain how you can find the best sander rental equipment.
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  2. A Divine Piece of Floor Sanding

    "“Good Lord!” That was my appropriate but, perhaps, not entirely politically correct response to be told by my wife that the local vicar was on the ‘phone asking for the “man that knows all about floor sanding!” Not being a regular at our local place of worship, I was curious to know why the Reverend had singled me out...
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  3. Floor Sander Hire Delivery and Pick-Up

    With the help of Floor Sander Hire, you're now able to carry out all of your home improvement tasks easily and affordably, as explained in this latest post.
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  4. Quality-Assured Floor Sander Hire

    Looking to turn your wooden floor back to its former glory? This latest post from Floor Sander Hire explores the range of quality sanders they have available.
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  5. Higher Spec Sanding from a Hire Tech Sander

    "I’ve moved! After months of searching for the right place, I finally took the plunge and I vacated my old flat for a three bedroom, Victorian style house. It’s a nice old place, but needs a fair bit of renovation work and in particular I am keen to get the wooden floors up to scratch. So, I decided that...
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  6. A Presidential Piece of Perfect Floor Sanding

    "“Well it looks fine to me as it is …… do they really want you to sand this parquet floor?” This was the question I put to my brother-in-law as we stood in the main room of the very impressive surroundings of a hotel suite. “It’s the President’s Suite,” he replied, “and only the very best is good enough here!”...
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  7. A Floor Sander for Every Job

    If you want to keep your wood flooring as beautiful as possible, read this post to find out how you can find a sander for every job from Floor Sander Hire.
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  8. Strictly Done Sanding

    "“Well, will you come and look at it with me tomorrow?” This was the impassioned plea by my erstwhile Brother in Law, having just landed his latest floor sanding consignment. His continued contract with a local hotel chain had rendered the need to renovate and sand a very rough wooden floor and transform it into a shiny new dance floor...
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  9. How to Protect a Floor after Sanding

    After sanding your flooring, you'll want to keep it in the best possible condition. This post explains how to properly protect it following the sanding process.
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  10. Three Cheers for a Stella Performance from a Lagler Trio

    In my last musings I mentioned that my enterprising Brother-in-Law had won a maintenance contract with a local hotel chain. Part of this contract was to maintain and enhance their numerous wooden floors and in particular their stunning parquet floor in the main entrance. With him being a bit of a novice in the floor sanding department, he sought my...
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