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Floor Sander Hire

  1. Find Reliable Floor Sander Hire Delivery Services

    Refresh the appearance of your wooden floor and hire an affordable floor sander from us at Floor Sander Hire Co. as this latest article from them explains.
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  2. Floor Sanding in the Buff in Central London

    "Firstly, I have to confess my heart sank a little when I heard that the builder who had engaged me to do some floor sanding in Central London last week had left a message for me on my home answer phone, to contact him. My immediate reaction was that something had gone wrong with the floor sanding project and he...
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  3. Hire or Purchase a Floor Sander?

    If you are torn between hiring or buying a floor sander be sure to read this latest post from Floor Sander Hire which explains the benefits of hiring.
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  4. Capital Floor Sanding in the Heart of London

    "“Floor sanding in Central London!” This was my anguished retort when my better half suddenly announced she had found a new floor sanding job for me to tackle. Apparently, her friend’s builder husband had got a refit job in some clothing shop right in centre of London and the wooden floor was in urgent need of restoration. My wife didn’t...
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  5. Stylish Sanding on the Second Floor

    "Just around the corner from my house an enterprising entrepreneur has converted an old warehouse in to several chic apartments, all very modern, but still retaining many of the original features, including the wooden floors. One of the owners of these apartments works with my wife and she was asking around the office if anyone knew where she could...
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  6. Affordable Floor Sander Rental

    If you’re looking to refresh your tired wooden floor then one place you are sure to find an affordable floor sander for hire is from us at Floor Sander Hire.
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  7. Sanding Down the School Hall

    "My reputation for being a floor sander professional seems to be getting known around the local area! Following my floor sanding job at the local Church, my next call came from the Head Teacher at the nearby primary school. The school was closing down for half term and the Governors had decided this was the perfect time to have the...
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  8. Find the Latest Floor Sander Rental

    If your flooring is looking dull, why not enhance it with a floor sander? Here, Floor Sander Hire explain how you can find the best sander rental equipment.
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  9. A Divine Piece of Floor Sanding

    "“Good Lord!” That was my appropriate but, perhaps, not entirely politically correct response to be told by my wife that the local vicar was on the ‘phone asking for the “man that knows all about floor sanding!” Not being a regular at our local place of worship, I was curious to know why the Reverend had singled me out...
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  10. Floor Sander Hire Delivery and Pick-Up

    With the help of Floor Sander Hire, you're now able to carry out all of your home improvement tasks easily and affordably, as explained in this latest post.
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