Published on 8 March 2011

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My brother-in-law is an enterprising chap; he has run a contract cleaning business for the past five years providing a high-quality maintenance service mainly to hotels in the local area. The other day, he called me to say that he had just won a contract with a nearby 5-star hotel and part of this deal was to maintain the hotel’s wooden flooring.

He explained that the flooring was herringbone parquet and the hotel manager had asked him to sand the parquet floors and then varnish them. He needed to know the best type of floor sander he should use to sand parquet flooring and which was the best hire shop to rent a floor sander.

He went to say that the parquet flooring was not in a bad condition but really needed just lightly sanding, finishing and then re-varnishing. I replied, that in my opinion, the floor sander to hire for this type of work is the Lagler Trio floor sander, as it is one of most versatile and powerful floor sanders available to rent and is ideally suited to remove the old varnish and/or polish from a floor prior to re-varnishing/polishing.

I explained that hiring a Lagler Trio floor sander is great for renovation work on parquet floors and is just right for fine and intermediate floor sanding, via its three disc sanding system. In addition, the Lagler Trio is just right for precise floor finishing, cleaning and polishing, but, I warned him, that it should only be used dry; it must never be used in conjunction with water. Should he encounter some wooden floors that needed greater renovation, I mentioned that the floor should first be levelled by a drum/belt floor sander, and then use the Lagler Trio to smooth and sand away any scratches and buffer marks left behind on the wooden floor. It is also necessary to hire a quality edge sander to properly complete the entire floor.

My brother-in-law listened carefully to my comments and then asked about the dust residue, “Would there be a lot of dust flying around during the floor sanding process?” he asked. I countered this by explaining that the integrated, sensor-monitored dust extractor and well thought out filter system guarantees almost dust-free work and disposal of the dust bag is also dust-free.

I finished my conversation by adding that he should seek out a specialist floor sanding hire firm as ordinary tool hire firms are unlikely to stock Lagler Trio floor sanders in their hire fleet. Most of the hire firms that either have a floor sanding division or specialise entirely in floor sanding equipment are likely to have the Lagler Trio within their portfolio. Google “Lagler Trio floor sanders for hire” was my advice.

So, off he went armed with all this new found knowledge on the science of floor sanding, ready to turn the hotel floor into a sheen of polished perfection, befitting its status as a 5-star residence.
I will let you know how he got on – keep reading!

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