Edging Floor Sander

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Floor Edge Sander

Once you have sanded the main area of your wooden floor with a trio floor sander, you will probably find you need to pay extra special attention to those difficult to reach edges of your floor. A standard floor sander works brilliantly for sanding and beautifying your wooden floor. However, they won’t be able to sand those hard to reach areas such as around tight corners, the skirting boards and stairs; for this reason, an edging floor sander is an important tool in helping to achieve that perfect finish.

Bona’s edging floor sanders are powerful yet lightweight. They are fitted with a dust pick-up system and feature adjustable wheels as well as height mechanism, ensuring that they are also comfortable to use. Both standard and Velcro-backed discs can be used with these products. Corner floor sanders are also available which are useful for those hard-to-reach areas; power nailers are another useful tool that are ideal for both domestic and commercial use.

You can explore all of these products above, find their product details and see which edging floor sander would be perfect for your DIY situation. Not just looking for an edging floor sander? Please do take a look at our floor sander bundles where you can get the full set of tools to complete your floor sanding job.

Bona edge floor sanders can be purchased easily online from us here at Floor Sander Hire. Our rental periods range from between 24 hours to as long as a week or more; packages are priced accordingly. Contact us today to let us provide you with high end equipment for a stunning flooring finish.