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The Dust Free Floor Sander System from Floor Sander Hire London

The Bona Dust Care System can be used in combination with Bona edging sanders and belt sanders, to help further eliminate dust when sanding wooden floors. This 99.6% dust free floor sanding process means not only is there less clearing of rooms beforehand but also less tidying up afterwards.

The Dust Care System simply connects to the dust outlet of the sanding machine you are using. A two-step cyclone technology separates the wood chips and fibres from the sanding dust which is then drawn into a completely sealed system – this means there is no risk of dust escaping back out.

The Bona Dust Care System, as well as many other products available from Floor Sander Hire, can be bought online with ease. The length of time you can hire the system for ranges from 48 hours to a week, or even over a weekend. Contact us now at Floor Sander Hire for further details and see how we can help.