Bona Dust Care System


Bona Dust Care System

To make any sanding job almost totally dust-free, hire a Bona Dust Care System from Floor Sander Hire. This can be easily connected to a floor sander or edging machine to give a working environment that is 99.96% dust-free. It will remove far more dust than the vacuums that are built into belt sanders and edging machines, with a powerful two-step Cyclone and top-of-the-range Hepa filter.

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    It comes with an easy-to-change, seamless dust bag that can even be emptied while the machine is running. The Bona Dust Care System can also act as a powerful hoover on its own to clean up before and after projects to leave a perfect finish. Whether you need it for 48 hours, a weekend or a week, Floor Sander Hire can promptly deliver this useful item directly to you, either on its own or together with one of our belt sanders or edging machines.

    When used in combination with the Bona Edging Sander and the Bona Belt Sander, the Bona Dust Care System negates the need to clear rooms prior to sanding as well as reducing the need to clear up afterwards.