Published on 6 April 2011

Posted in Floor Sander Hire

Usually when you lift up an old carpet you will find a real wooden floor. It may look dirty with paint splatters and nails sticking out of it – but when you sand a wooden floor you can transform the appearance of your whole room. Wooden floors can add value and luxury to a home, with the warm tones adding depth and organic beauty to any interior design. But to sand a wooden floor you will need the appropriate equipment, namely a floor sander. To give you a head start on using a sander to transform your room, the team at Floor Sander Hire have developed some handy little tips for you.

When using the belt sanders you should lower the sander steadily down to the floor. You do not want to gouge any wood by plonking the sander straight in the wood, so this needs to be done with care.

Once you have successfully lowered the sander down you need to keep a consistent speed while sanding. Staying too long in one place could result in an uneven surface. To create a professional and even finish, you will need to sand the wood in the same direction. This may take up a little extra time but the results will defiantly be worth it in the long run.

It’s also worth remembering that the appropriate health and safety considerations need to be observed, to avoid injury to yourself or others nearby.

If you need any further tips on how to use a belt floor sander then contact the team at Floor Sander Hire. We advise our customers on the best equipment for their job, and also give descriptive instructions on how to use the machines. If you need to hire a sander, then contacting a team that will help you is essential. If you need more information on the equipment that we hire out, phone us today on 0208 427 6604.

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