Published on 14 April 2011

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In my last musings I mentioned that my enterprising Brother-in-Law had won a maintenance contract with a local hotel chain. Part of this contract was to maintain and enhance their numerous wooden floors and in particular their stunning parquet floor in the main entrance. With him being a bit of a novice in the floor sanding department, he sought my advice about the type of machine he should use to ensure that the floor was sanded to highest possible of standards. Without hesitation, I advised my sibling’s husband to go for a Lagler Trio floor sander as this type of floor sanding machine was easy to use and ideally suited for sanding parquet flooring with distinction.

Following my recommendation, he flipped up his laptop and inscribed the term “Lagler Trio floor sanders for hire London” into Google. Within seconds up popped a number of specialist floor sanding hire firms, with several promoting the Lagler Trio available to hire. He selected the nearest hire firm to his depot and got straight on the telephone to their hire desk.

I was very satisfied to be told that the floor sanding hire firm he had picked out, confirmed my opinion that the Lagler Trio was indeed the machine best suited for sanding parquet flooring. They also confirmed that as long as the machine was used correctly, he could expect a very smooth finish, in keeping with the lush surroundings of the hotel. The deal was struck over the telephone, with hire rates agreed and with the promise of a selection of floor sanding discs, of varying grades, to be provided on a sale or return basis.

Upon his arrival at the floor sander hire shop, he was given a thorough demonstration in the use of the Lagler trio, including some handy tips on how to get the best results. A selection of floor sanding discs, from a quite coarse 24 grit to some nice super fine finishing 150 grit discs were handed over, along with a quick word in the correct order they should be used. When the floor sanding hire desk person was satisfied that he fully understood how to use the Lagler Trio and that he was in possession of all the necessary personal protection equipment, my Brother in Law was allowed to leave the shop ready to encounter his first venture into the world of floor sanding.

So, a few days later when we were enjoying a quiet beer in our local, he enthusiastically told me how he willingly lost his floor sanding virginity to the lusty power of the Lagler Trio. He described the machine as powerful, yet sensitive and extremely easy to handle, gliding across the floor without leaving behind any discernable swirl marks. He described the process as almost entirely dust-free which pleased the hotel management and their guests. Switching the floor sanding discs was via a uncomplicated Velcro system and by the time he had finished up using the fine 150 grit sanding discs, he said he had achieved an ‘Architect Specified’ finish to the parquet floor. He summed up the whole operation by describing the Lagler Trio as a ‘top notch piece of kit’.

Once again my advice had been taken up and put to good use in another floor sanding operation. Its been quite a journey since I was badgered into sanding my dining room floor over a year ago, I wonder who will be next to seek out my floor sanding expertise?

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