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  1. Sanding in a Seat of Learning

    "Being based in North West London, most of my floor sanding projects has been in the local area. I have, on previous occasions, taken my floor sanding equipment into Central London, namely when I had a contract to sand some wooden floors for a retail outlet situated right in Central London. Therefore, I was a little surprised to receive a...
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  2. Advice on the Right Floor Sander to Hire

    If you’re looking to hire a floor sander then this post from Floor Sander Hire is a must read, it offers advice to help you in choosing the right one for your needs.
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  3. Getting a Bona Finish

    "It’s a fact in the world of floor sanding, you don’t get too much regular repeat business, once you have sanded the floor and finished the surface with a good quality floor seal, usually, it can be a few years before the floor needs re-sanding or re-sealing. So I was very surprised to get a telephone call from the...
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  4. Hardwood Floor Sander Hire

    To maintain the beauty and elegance of wooden floors it’s important to care for them regularly, find out more in this latest post from Floor Sander Hire.
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  5. Have you ever ‘Bean’ Floor Sanding in a Coffee Shop?

    "Trendy coffee shops ………. they’re everywhere these days. Coincidentally, just as I was reading an advertisement in the local rag about a new coffee shop that was opening up on the High Street, the telephone rang. “Are you the chap that does dust free floor sanding?” said the rather gravelly voice at the other end of the ‘phone. “Only...
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  6. 10 Things You Need To Do Before You Start Sanding a Floor

    "There may come a time when you feel your wood floor needs to be refinished. A big part of the success of your refinishing project is how well you perform the sanding. Unless you are a professional, sanding a wood floor can be a big job. Following these guidelines before you start sanding should help ensure you get the best...
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  7. Reliable and Convenient Floor Sander Hire Delivery

    When you need a quality floor sander delivered to your door, let Floor Sander Hire help your DIY project to get underway with their reliable rental service.
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  8. What’s Floors? Mine’s a Lagler! – Floor Sanding a Pub in Buckinghamshire

    "“Don’t you ever switch off?” that was my wife’s anguished question as we were enjoying an after dinner coffee in the Old Pirate pub in leafy Buckinghamshire. All I had said was that I had noticed that the wooden floor in the bar/restaurant could do with a little restoration and I was going to give the manager one of my...
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  9. Competitive Floor Sander Rental Companies

    If you need a floor sander to rejuvenate your tired wooden floor, why not hire it from Floor Sander Hire? This post looks at their competitive rates and helpful service.
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  10. Floor Sanding and Varnishing in Central London

    "“Oh, yes business has been great,” said a jovial voice from the other end of the telephone, “since you did that floor sanding job in my shop in central London, we’ve a really fantastic response from the public.” I was sitting in my office wrestling with some paperwork when this call came through. It was the manager of the...
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