Published on 24 February 2022

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It’s recommended as a standard process of owning wooden flooring, that it is sanded at least once every ten years to keep it flat, sleek, and clean. However, if you have a room fitted with this flooring that does not receive much foot traffic, it can be unnecessary, time-consuming, and expensive. 

Reasons are abundant as to why having wooden flooring in your house is beneficial, aside from how stunning it can look, it’s durable, can add value to your property, helps provide a better quality of air into your home, and is also simple to maintain.

From time to time, you may require additional assistance in helping to maintain your wooden flooring, whether it has been newly installed, or has been in place for some time, Floor Sanders London can be there to guide and educate you on how to properly look after your wooden floors. We have been in the flooring business for 30 years, providing a professional, friendly service to all customers who need a helping hand.

It is easy to spot the signs that your wooden flooring is ready for sanding, however, if you have not had the floor for very long it can seem a daunting experience. Similarly, if you have had the floor for a long time, it can easily become a forgotten feature and you may become oblivious to any safety issues that have arisen over time. To help maintain your floors to a high standard, follow these warning signs that your floor is ready for some attention.

Signs You Need To Sand Your Wooden Floor

Smell of Dampness

Over time, your floors may begin to smell – even if vacuumed and mopped regularly. This is just from a build-up of potential water damage, humidity, and even mould. There are cleaning products on the market that can eradicate odorous on floors, however, floor sanding provides unbeatable freshness.


Splintering is common in flooring, this can be caused by new flooring not being installed completely correctly, or from it being aged and worn. Splintering can be incredibly dangerous, especially to babies, young children, and animals – especially if a wound is not diagnosed or treated.

Colour Fading

Hardwood flooring can easily become discoloured or faded over time, especially in areas that receive a lot of sunlight through windows or doors. This can be difficult to spot as it happens so slowly over time.

Moving Pieces of Wood

Wood expands and shrinks due to moisture and humidity in the air, it is common to notice this in wooden doors as it is more obvious than with your flooring, however, over time this can cause irreparable damage which sanding can reduce the chances of.

Uneven Surfaces

Uneven surfaces on your wooden flooring are likely to be caused by water damage or the floor not being laid correctly. If you are experiencing an uneven floor it must be dealt with quickly by a professional.

Floor Sander Hire London

Sanding your floors can be strenuous hard work, it requires planning, correct equipment, and expert guidance. If you are experiencing any of the above-mentioned issues with your flooring, or are just looking for a refresh, we can help prepare you with the tools and knowledge required to execute this task to a high standard.

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