Published on 2 February 2022

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Despite often being overlooked or considered an afterthought, flooring is integral to pulling together the design, detail, and décor of your interior space. In this blog we harness our floor sander expertise as we pitch two of the most popular types of flooring against each other, considering the pros and cons of wooden flooring and tiling, and how both support the aesthetic and functional finish of a home.

Wooden Flooring vs. Tile Flooring

Wooden flooring is, first and foremost, a highly coveted interior finish for every space, from hallways to living rooms and even bedrooms. Giving your home a warm and rustic vibe, wooden flooring is great for adding comfort to your space (especially when accessorised with a rug or two) and is warm underfoot.

In terms of installation and upkeep, wooden flooring is a more labour-intensive option, however, the finish is long-lasting when maintained and cared for correctly. Bringing in a floor sander will keep your wooden flooring even on its surface and well presented, ensuring that any gaps which arise as a result of wood expansion are kept to a minimum.

Tile flooring on the other hand is functional, versatile, and can present all manner of different aesthetic finishes depending on your ideal look. From coloured tiles to cool neutrals and the most vibrant of patterns, the tile market is huge and presents a multitude of options all of which are easy to install and maintain providing you lay them properly atop the right foundation.

With both flooring options popular with homeowners, which comes out on top after a simple pros and cons comparison?

Wooden Flooring Pros

Wooden Flooring Cons

Tiling Pros

Tiling Cons

Should You Choose Wooden Flooring or Tiles?

The results are in, with wooden flooring’s warm, homely, and high-value finish making it a winner.

Wooden flooring may be more labour intensive in terms of its installation and upkeep, but the results are not only warm and stylish but can also play a part in increasing the value of your home. With the support of our floor sander London team, wooden flooring has never been so attractive as a staple for your home renovation, transforming any living space into a beautiful home.

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