Published on 25 May 2023

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When using any machinery, it’s important to assess the safety precautions it requires. Using a floor sander comes with many risks, and you should be fully prepared to ensure no accidents occur. There are multiple steps to take before getting to work, including preparing safety equipment, checking the floor’s integrity and ensuring you are confident in how your sander works. With the correct precautions, you should be able to start and finish the task at hand with no problems. 

Prepare Your Safety Equipment Before Using a Floor Sander

Before using a , it’s crucial to have your safety equipment on hand and ready to go. Adequate safety equipment is necessary for everyone who intends to use a sander, regardless of experience.

There are four main types of safety equipment: ear plugs, dust masks, goggles and protective suits and gloves. Sanders produce loud and intense noises alongside immense amounts of dust, so it’s vital to keep your skin, ears, eyes and airways safe. The protective suit may seem like a bit much, certain chemicals used for floor finishes may cause irritation to the skin if contact is made. 

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Check Over the Floor

Once you have your safety equipment ready, you should investigate the area you intend to sand. When using a floor sander on floorboards, you’ll want to check for anything protruding from the floor such as nails or screws. These have the potential to damage the sander and may even cause you to lose control, which could lead you to harming yourself.

Make Sure You’re Up to Speed With How to Use the Sander

This may seem like an obvious step, but when using a floor sander, you should have a thorough understanding of how to use your device. Each model of floor sanders will have slightly different controls. Make sure you read through the user manual of your specific sander to gain confidence on how it works, and any particular safety features it has.

Take Regular Breaks When Using a Floor Sander

It can be hard working using a floor sander, especially if you’re not as familiar with their use. It’s important to take frequent breaks to sit down and refresh. The actions of using the sander, combined with the overly warm protective equipment can cause you to become quickly exhausted and dehydrated. 

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