Published on 31 December 2018

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DIY activities are sometimes tricky especially if you don’t have the right equipment, therefore sanding floors is an activity that requires you to keep an eye on your safety as well as the safety of people surrounding you. It’s vital that you use the right equipment for carrying out this task. Sanding produces noise, dust and dirt among other pollutants. Hence, you should ensure that you prevent any adverse effects that may result from these particles as they can damage ears, lungs and eyes. Therefore, in preparation for sanding, make sure you have the following safety equipment:

Ear defenders or ear plugs

The equipment used for floor sanding usually produces so much noise that can be extremely dangerous to your ears, the people near where you’re doing the sanding task are also exposed to the same noise. Hence, both you and the people around you should find a way of protecting the ears from this noise or you may end up with damaged hearing. Exposure to the noise for long periods of time can also add to the damage, ear defenders or ear plugs are very useful for preventing the damage from happening. It also makes the process of sanding more comfortable as the noise no longer reaches the ear directly.

Dust mask

The dust mask is equipment that’s used for general protection against dust particles in most projects that produce a lot of dust and dirt particles. When it comes to sanding, it’s mostly very necessary when aggressive sanding is done. The sawdust produced is often mixed up with certain chemicals, especially when the floor’s being sanded. Unless you wear a dust mask, these particles can enter your lungs freely and cause damage to your lungs.


When you’re carrying out a task like sanding a floor, there’s always a probability that a piece of metal could find its way into your eye. This would be dangerous and would have an instant effect on your vision, it may even affect you long term if you don’t attend to it promptly, therefore you shouldn’t take any chances with this. When you’re doing a sanding job like sanding rough edges, goggles are very important for protecting the eyes, they keep the eyes safe by ensuring that any harmful particles are deflected.

Protective suit and gloves

Although the suit may make you a bit warm, always to ensure you wear one, plus the correct gloves. When you wear gloves, your hands won’t be in contact with certain flooring products that are produced in the process of sanding, they also protect the hands from getting bruised. Floor finishes have a high solvent content that can result in the irritation of the skin or even worse.

Alongside the suit and gloves, it’s a great idea to get some knee pads as well, choosing the right knee pads don’t only protect your knees but also make working more comfortable.






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