Published on 7 August 2012

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“I had often walked past the ‘posh’ flats just off the High Street near my north London home; they had been built by a London based developer who certainly had an eye for design, with trendy décor and stylish balconies etc.

What I didn’t know is that in every apartment the lounge had been kitted out with a hardwood floor – and not a cheap laminated job either – each had a genuine wooden floor just ripe for a floor sanding professional like me!

But what did I know, soon I would be practising my floor sanding skills on one of these hardwood floors as my next sanding project was in response to a plea from one of the residents who needed a floor sanding and varnishing job completing rather urgently.

“Are you the floor sanding man based in north London?” said the voice from the other end of the telephone, “I live in the new apartments up the road and I need my wooden lounge floor sanding down and then varnishing rather urgently”, she said. Apparently, the lady had just organised a dinner party for some important clients and she had noticed that part of the floor had faded; and as this was a crucial meeting, she was very concerned that she made the right impression on her guests. Whilst, for one minute, I couldn’t image that any contract would hinge on scratches in a wooden floor – this lady was adamant that everything had to be “just perfect”.

So the next day I was up in her apartment armed with a Lagler Trio floor sander and a Bona edging sander I had rented from my favourite London floor sanding hire shop. The resident had thoughtfully removed all her furniture, although I had noted to myself that she obviously preferred the ‘minimalist’ approach to her furnishings! Before I started sanding the floor the lady approached me with clutching a leaflet with the words ‘Bona Create – Wooden Floor Colouration’ emblazoned on the front cover. “This is what I want when you are ready to start sealing the sanded floor”, she said, pointing to a picture of a wooden floor varnished in Aqua Blue. “Can you order some Bona Create in this colour?” she asked.

I assured her that I was fully versed in the range of Bona floor sealing products and that getting Bona Create in blue wouldn’t be a problem. I took the Bona flyer from her and noted inwardly the strap line – “Express your Style” – this just about sums this lady up I thought to myself! Anyway, I pulled out my mobile ‘phone and called the floor sander rental firm and asked about the availability in Bona Create in Aqua Blue. “No problem” was the reply, “we keep it in stock, just pop round when have finished sanding the floor and we’ll sort you out. Remember to use 150 grit sanding sheets and discs for the top surface of the floor as this is a requirement for Bona Create,” the floor sander chap added rather thoughtfully.

After finishing sanding the floor with both the Lagler Trio sander and completing all the edges with the Bona edger sander, I packed up the floor sanding tools into my van and headed off into north London on a mission to buy some Bona Create in Aqua Blue. The floor sander rental depot manager pushed a technical specification sheet on the Bona products into my vision, saying that it would be a good idea from me to read the application section before I tackled the finished wooden floor. After noting the contents of the sheet, I decided to hire a Bona Buffer as this was the recommended method for applying Bona Create.

By the end of the day I had completely varnished the lady’s wooden lounge floor in stunning Bona Create Aqua Blue, conceding to myself that she had made a very wise choice of floor varnish – the floor looked fantastic without a blemish or mark to be seen.

I had a short, anxious, wait as the apartment owner returned from her shopping expedition. I needn’t have worried, the look on her face said it all! “This is wonderful!” she exclaimed, “You’ve done a brilliant job, thank you so much,” she planted a rather wet kiss on my increasingly reddening cheek, as if to emphasise her delight.

As I left the flat, I gave the floor one last glance nodding to myself that this Bona Create stuff really did bring out the best in a hardwood floor; I shall definitely recommend it to my next floor sanding client”

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