Published on 30 September 2021

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Whether your home naturally has beautiful wooden floors or you have decided to get rid of your carpets, you’ll need to make sure that it stays in top condition. Over time, your floor will depreciate and it will need some care to make it look and feel great again.

Let’s take a look at 15 reasons signs your floor needs your help.

damaged wooden floors

1.   Squeak and Creak

When your floor is making that annoying creaking noise when you walk over it, this could be a sign you need to look at some repairs. If the noise occurs when you walk on the floorboards, you should consider getting some shims to put between the gaps and then carefully applying some adhesive from your local DIY shop.

2.     Strange Patterns

On inspection, your floorboards look like they’ve been taken from a skip. If they have paint all over them or are worn down due to age, now’s the time to get those floors sanded! 

If your floorboards don’t look aesthetically pleasing, consider a floor sander. As a trusted and reliable sander hire company we can talk to you about floor sander hire and the best options for you. Please see our pricing for our floor sander hire services

3.     Mould

If your home has a large amount of humidity, you might find mildew or mould on your floorboards. Look into buying a dehumidifier and some mould and mildew remover to get rid of this. You should then consider bringing out the floor sander to finish the job.

4.     Crowning

If your home has large levels of humidity, you might find your floor starts to resemble a molehill as the wood is warping and rising. This normally means that water has managed to seep into the wood. Floor sanding could solve this or you might need to replace the panels entirely depending on the damage. As soon as you spot signs of crowning, don’t ignore it as if left too long, you may need to replace the floorboards entirely.

5.     None of my Floor Panels Match

You might find that the panels don’t always match, if you’ve chosen a cheap product, they may source the wood from different packs and it will be graded differently. If the panel isn’t from the same source, some will have knots and different patterns.

6.     Pet Stains

If your beloved pet has relieved itself on your flooring you might find stains where they shouldn’t be on your flooring, this can be resolved by using a floor sander or if it has been happening for a while, consider a professional sanding service.

7.     Waves

If you have an uneven floor, this can sometimes be costly to repair as the joists will need to be replaced which is a structural redesign. Unfortunately, joist replacement isn’t cheap and you may need to shop around.

8.     Take Your Shoes Off

Shoes, especially heeled shoes may cause dents in your floors over time. If this is the case, you’ll need to bring out the floor sander and get to work. If the damage is extensive, you may need to replace the panel.

9.     Why Are There Holes in My Floor Panels?

If you find little holes in your lovely wooden floor, you might have unwanted visitors. Termites, ants, and certain types of beetles love to eat wood and make their home inside. Unfortunately, there’s never one ant, so consider calling a professional pest service to get rid of them.

10.  Rough Floors

Wooden floors are meant to be smooth and if they feel like sandpaper, moisture could have caused the grains to reach the surface. Using a quality floor sander and re-oiling will bring your floors back to life.

11.  My Floor is Shedding

Yep, wooden floors do actually shed. Using the incorrect wood cleaning solution may also cause the floor to peel. If this is the case, consider hiring a floor sander and then make sure the cleaning product is suitable for wood going forward.

12.  Bowed Flooring

If your floor is bowing, this is caused by too much humidity. To fix this, dry out the room, install some underlay, and replace the affected panels. Unfortunately, wood does not get on well with moisture.

13.  My Floor Stinks!

Once again, if you have not cleaned up any spillages and the moisture soaks into your floor, not only can this cause damage, you could also end up with the smell of rotting wood! Drying out the floor and sanding could repair this, but if the panels are too far gone, you may have to replace them.

14.  Huge Gaps

Depending on the structure it might look like you could fall down the gaps between your floorboards. If this is the case, you can buy a special adhesive that sets between the wood. You can then sand it down and paint it to match the rest of your floor.

15.  Real Damage to Wooden Floors

If you have many damaged panels such as cracks, dents, and holes, unfortunately, it might be time to replace the floor entirely. If the floor isn’t too damaged, consider getting a floor sander and seeing what the results are. You’d be surprised how good it can look!


So if you have noticed or are worried that any of the previously stated signs are appearing on your wooden floor and you think they might require some much needed TLC, don’t worry, help is at hand, contact us here at Floor Sander Hire London or call us directly on 02084 276604 and help us help you get it sorted.

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