Published on 10 November 2010

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In my past musings on the art of floor sanding, I have concentrated on the use of a trio of floor sanders, including the Hire Tech HT8, the Lagler Trio and the Bona 10”. Generally speaking, the Hiretech floor sanding machines are available from most general tool hire outlets and the Lagler and Bona products from specialist floor sanding hire firms. You should always take the advice of the hire shop assistant before deciding which particular floor sander is the correct machine for the floor you are intending to sand.

As I leafed through a number of floor sanding hire brochures, it became apparent that just about all the floor sanding hire places offer a floor sander plus edge sander package, at an “all-in-one” price. So with my recent floor sanding experience wrapped tightly under my belt, I decided to look into the merits and applications of the edge floor sander.

I settled upon the Bona range of edge sanders for my initial investigation and soon discovered that the manufacturer has three machines listed; the Bona Edge, the Bona Edge 130 and the Bona Mini Edge. The Bona Edge 130 has a very small sanding reach of just 130mm and I couldn’t uncover any hire firms that listed the Bona 130 in their fleet. I assume that this machine is designed for use by a flooring contractor working on individual projects.

Probing deeper into the offerings of the floor sanding hire fraternity, led me to find that the Bona Edge sander is the machine commonly found in specialist floor sander rental fleets. The Bona Edge offers a hirer a combination of simplicity and a reassuring ability to get into tight spots, such as underneath radiators etc, via its extended sanding arm. The Bona Edge is relatively light, weighing just less than 16kg and has a powerful 2kW electric motor which works perfectly from ordinary mains power. Residual dust shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the Bona Edge sander is fitted with an efficient dust collection system and a handy light is mounted at the front of the sander, which will guide you through even the darkest recesses of your room!

The Bona Mini Edge sander has just about all the same features and benefits as its larger cousin, but is a little lighter (15kg) and more compact. I would definitely use this in tight areas and, most certainly, when sanding stairs and stairwells. I spied that a number of specialist floor sanding hire firms stock the Bona Mini Edge. A useful little tool and one you should ask for by name if you have stairs to sand.

My personal comfort is guaranteed by the adjustable height and wheel settings on the Bona Edge and I was delighted to discover that the sanding discs, on both the Bona Edge and Mini Edge are simply and swiftly fitted and removed by Velcro, completely removing the nuisance of having to have a spanner to hand.

I noted that both the Bona Edge sander and Bona Mini Edge sander are designed to sand all types of hardwood floors, such as teak and oak floors, as well as parquet flooring.

As always, any floor sanding mortal should take advice from the experts in floor sanding when choosing the right floor sander plus edge sander package for a particular job. Discounted bundles are always available, so always make sure you get the right floor sanding combination for you.

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