Published on 25 June 2013

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“Wooden floors can have a huge impact on an area, if they are well maintained and cared for properly they can add timeless character to any room. There are a number of reasons why you should sand your floors, from aesthetics to functionality. We here at Floor Sander Hire are here to explain the advantages of sanding your floor:


Worn and scuffed flooring is never a good look; it often makes the room or area look extremely old. If you have wooden floors they should be kept in good condition and depending on how well they are maintained, should only need to be re-sanded every five to ten years. The appearance of freshly sanded and polished floors can add style and elegance to a home, as well as adding value.


How often your floor needs to be sanded will depend on the type of area it is in, a space with heavy floor traffic such as a hallway will require more maintenance than a bedroom. Worn wooden floors can often become rough and unmanageable, particularly when dirt and debris is brought in from shoes as this can be very abrasive and wear away at the flooring. For areas used for dancing, sport or other activities the surface can have an effect on the performance, so it is essential that they are well maintained.


For many homeowners, the sight of the floorboards under the carpet is almost too much to handle. The paint marks, faded boards and grime can all look very unsightly. However sanding can revitalise these floorboards and bring them a new lease of life. It can remove the paint, dirt and imperfections on the surface of the boards. Not only will this be a great new look for your home; it also means you don’t need to re-carpet.


Wooden floors are often a great replacement for carpets for those who suffer from allergies. Carpet often retains dust, pollen and pet hair, all things that can aggravate allergies and asthma. By having hardwood flooring and regularly sanding it, you can reduce the danger of asthma and allergy related attacks.

Now that you know why you need to regularly sand you floors, you need to find the right equipment. We here at Floor Sander Hire have an impressive collection of floor sanding equipment. Whatever your floor type or size, we have something to suit you. For more information on the products we can provide call us on 0208 427 6608, or contact us via our online form. Our experienced and fully trained staff will be able to offer you guidance and advice on the best products for your requirements.”

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