Published on 15 August 2012

Posted in Floor Sander Hire

“To achieve the smoothest, most eye-catching and luxurious wooden floor, it will first need to be sanded down before any varnishing can take place – applying to both newly laid floors without a finish, or a floor which has grown a little tired after years of use. However the question now arises: what should you use to sand it down and with the choice of so many different floor sanders out there, which floor sander is appropriate to your project? Here at Floor Sander Hire we understand that our breadth of choice might be a little overwhelming, so have put together this brief guide to help you go straight for the hire option that you and your floor requires.

The Sander for the Bulk of the Job

The process of sanding your floor to a high standard needs to be carried out in a number of stages, and of course the main stage is the sanding of most of your floor aside from the edges (which require a specialised sander). Able to quickly sand down and smooth over your floor, our range of drum sanders present the perfect hire option for you, as they are great for general sanding and choices such as our Economy Drum Sander are suited to the renovation of pine floorboards and softwood.

Don’t Forget the Edges

While your drum floor sander will cover most of the job, the edges will be left in need of a sanding (trying to achieve this with the drum sander will result in more bad than good), therefore calling an edging sander into action, and just like the rest of our sanders, the hire packages are affordable and catered to provide you with the sander for only as long as you or your team needs it.

The Finishing Touch

Of course everything needs a final going over to leave it looking smooth, even and professional – and with choices such as our TRIO Finishing Sander that gives a ‘Architect Specified’ finish to wood, you floor will be left looking better than ever! Fell more in the know? Why not get in touch with us to find out that little bit more!”

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