Published on 1 March 2010

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Welcome to the very first of a series of floor sanding information blogs. As one of the leading floor sander hire firms in Greater London, we want to share with you our extensive knowledge and issues relating to hiring DIY floor sanding tools and renting commercial floor sanding equipment. During the these sessions, we will be informing all hirer’s of floor sanding equipment about the range of different types of floor sanding machines available to rent on a long basis or hire on a short term footing.

Hiring Top Brand Name Floor Sanding Machines

At Floor Sander Hire we pride ourselves in hiring top brand name floor sanding machines, including Lagler Trio professional floor sanders, Bona belt floor sanders, HireTech economy floor sanders and Fein Super corner floor sanders. We also hire economy edge sanders and rent professional edging sanders. When sanding floors at home or sanding a floor at an office, hiring a dust-free floor sander is important for your health and safety, so we will chart the advances in dustless floor sanders from Lagler floor finishing sanders, Bona floor sanding machines and HireTech DIY floor sanders.

A Fantastic Finish

In future blogs we will discuss the best types of floor varnishes designed to give your recently sanded floor a fantastic finish. We will look at the merits of Bona Mega and Bona Traffic floor varnishes, together with Rustin’s floor coatings and all types of clear plastic floor finishes. As many renters of floor sanding equipment often need to use mastic filler and wood dyes, we will discover and discuss the best types of floor wood filler, including Lecol mastic filler and Rustin’s wood dyes.

All the Latest in Floor Sanding Tools and Equipment

Preparation is vital before you start sanding your floor so we will look into the hire of power nailers and the different types of sanding belts and floor sanding consumables you can purchase. So, if you want all the latest in floor sanding tools and equipment, click on, for a regular update.

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