Published on 30 November 2022

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If you have a traditional wooden floor, it’s important to keep it looking fresh and clean. This will mean it lasts longer and looks amazing for your guests. Sanding your floor can restore it to its former glory and give your whole room a sparkling new look. However, it can be a long, laborious task if you don’t have the right equipment. That’s where a Bona floor sander comes in.

The Key Benefits Of A Bona Floor Sander

To properly sand your wooden floor and give it a professional makeover, hiring a Bona floor sander is the best option. Bona floor sanders can be used by anyone, even a sanding novice can produce professional results with minimal hassle or mess.

Hiring a Bona Floor Sander also has a ton of excellent benefits:

Using a Bone Floor Sander is Dust Free

One of the biggest issues with traditional floor sanders is the dust. It creates a huge mess in your home that you will need to work tirelessly to remove. The dust can also cause health issues as the lungs can fill with dust, making it difficult to breathe. For those that have asthma or similar conditions, sanding a floor could even be dangerous.

However, the Bona floor sander has a collection and containment system, just like a vacuum cleaner. It means that the majority of the dust is contained within the sander, giving the option to empty it at regular intervals and avoid the mess in your home completely.

Sanding a wooden floor

It Enhances The Wood

The Bona floor sander goes the extra mile with brush technology. Rather than providing a smooth finish which could make your floor look cheap and outdated, the brushes on the Bona sander work into the grooves and grain of the wood to enhance the natural wood look, restoring it to its former glory.

A Bona Floor Sander is Easy To Use

The Bona floor sander is perfect for a beginner. It’s powerful and speeds up the sanding process, but it’s also lightweight and easy to use.

The lever operated machine is easy to adjust for different floors and offers a level of precision that’s unheard of in large sanding machines. Their design means that they can reach right up to the edges of the room, meaning you can cover a larger area using the same machine, with easily adjustable plates.

You will just need a small corner sander to reach right into the skirting boards to finish the room off. It is hassle free and safe for first time sanders.

Multi Surface Sanding

The Bona floor sander has multiple options to sand, not just wooden floors, but it can even help with concrete flooring to provide a new, smooth surface ready for varnish. You can use this tool to sand and spruce up multiple floors from a single hire.

Floor Sander Hire London is the place to visit if you’d like to give your floor a brand-new look. Hiring the Bona floor sander can make the job quicker, easier and still deliver the very best results. To hire the best floor sander in the business, contact Floor Sander Hire London today for a quote, advice or support.

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