Published on 28 February 2023

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Trio sanders are an amazing tool to spruce up your wooden floor by removing old varnish and scratches. It creates a blank canvas for new treatments and varnishes on your wood to give your room a brand-new look. 

The trio floor sander looks like a buffing machine to the untrained eye. However, underneath, the sander has 3 separate sanding discs. These discs are coated in sandpaper of varying strengths, depending on how much you need to remove from your wood to ensure a smooth finish. 

The 3 discs spin independently of each other. This is different from the typical floor sanders, which usually operate using a single, larger disc. 

What are Trio Floor Sanders Used For?

A trio floor sander is a great option for removing the top layer of grime, dust, and outdated varnish. It creates a smooth finish ready for a revarnish or other wood treatment which can completely transform the look and feel of your floor. 

Using a trio sander is a particularly good option for multi-directional floors. If your floor has a herringbone design or uses particularly thin boards, then this could be the best option for you. This is because the smaller, more precise sanding discs can get into all the cracks and scratches moving in all directions. It makes the job faster and smoothens out the joints between your wood. 

These types of sanders are also amazing for removing the remnants of old varnish or adhesives. So if your floor wasn’t originally laid by a professional and the adhesive is on show, then this amazing piece of machinery can make your floor look like it has been laid by an expert. 

Benefits of Using Trio Floor Sanders

There are lots of benefits of trio sander hire when you’re creating a new look for your floor. 

The trio floor sander is amazingly easy to assemble and replace the discs. This is great if you’re not a DIY expert. Even if you’ve never used a sander before, you will be able to easily follow the instructions to get your sander up and running. 

The trio sander also provides a dust-free sanding option. All the sawdust created by sanding will be collected in the drum of the sander, much like a vacuum cleaner. It avoids constant sweeping and can be much better for your health, as you aren’t breathing in the dust. 

The trio sander is also known to create one of the most professional finishes on most wooden floors, leaving it smooth and ready to varnish for your brand-new look. 

Trio Sander Rental with Floor Sander Hire London

For the perfect finish to your wooden floor, Floor Sander Hire London provides top-of-the-range trio sander hire. Our expert team will provide advice and support to help you get to grips with the floor sander. We can also deliver and remove your sander at your convenience to save you the cost of purchase and storage. 

If you aim to spruce up your wooden floors, floors sander rental London is exactly what you need. Contact us today for a quote, for professional advice or to arrange a next-day delivery. 

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