Published on 3 November 2017

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What is an orbital sander? This is a question that many find quite challenging to answer due to the many types of sanders that have since been recently availed to us. An orbital sander is a sanding tool held in the hand and works by spinning its sanding discs in little circles, referred to as orbits. There are other types of finishing sanders known by other names such as an oscillating sheet sander, pad sander, quarter sheet sander, a third sheet sander, and half sheet sander. Finishing sanders can be used for the following purposes:

Working into square corners

A finishing sander enables you to carry out your finishing jobs around corners with ease. This is done using the type of sander that has either a square or rectangular base. These shapes are useful around the corners, as opposed to the other sanders which are extremely difficult to run around corners.

For smoothing

For any smoothing job, it is a good equipment to use. Just like many other sanders, they are capable of doing the smoothing job just before you stain or paint your boards. For a mirror-like finish, they can be used for smoothing down trims. It is a preferable option for most people because it is portable, light-weight, cheap, and versatile. It tops in terms of balance, precision, and power too.

Working at the edges

Another benefit resulting from the shape of the oscillating sheet sander is working at the edges. Though you can use most of the other types of sanders for smoothing other places, the edges should be done by using this sander. The movement of its discs in addition to the shape are the main features that make it more preferable for the edges of your floor.

Sanding mouldings, carvings, and other differently shaped surfaces

Since the movement of the discs is orbital, you can make use of an orbital sander to sand mouldings and carvings. At the same time, most of the surfaces are easily done as opposed to the other sander types. If you are looking to purchase a general purpose sander, then it is your best bet if you are just beginning to teach yourself.

Delivering a finishing touch

Generally, the orbital sander may not be the first priority for a majority of big jobs. However, it is the ultimate machine for super smooth sanding. It is also the best choice for getting rid of dry coat paints or varnishes. Orbital sanders have many applications as seen in this piece. It allows the user to stand in any direction since its pad vibrates in tiny orbits. It is also usable on most types of materials. Therefore, where other sanders won’t reach on a wooden floor, this sander will. So, make the smart move of purchasing the finishing sander if you are a newbie in sanding. Also for young and inexperienced professionals, it helps prevent surface damages. For beginners and novices, the orbital sander is the easiest to control of all the sanders.

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