Published on 28 May 2013

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“Wooden floors are popular for good reason – they are long lasting, low maintenance, easy to clean, hygienic, and have a timeless elegant appeal. Houses with beautiful wooden floors are in higher demand amongst buyers and sell more easily as well as adding to the value of a property, so it is well worth keeping floors in great condition. This is easy to do by following three simple tips.

1. Sand Floors to Give them a New Lease of Life

Wooden floors are not immune to damage, and over the years they may become scuffed, worn, scratched or dented. This can be due to a number of reasons, including moving furniture and general wear and tear. The good news is that this damage can be remedied simply by sanding the floor – a far easier prospect than fitting new carpets.

2. Use the Right Sander

Various sanding options are available to anyone wanting to renew their wooden floor and bring it back to life. The first is simply to use sandpaper, however while this may be fine for very small areas, it is impractical for most rooms. Not only is it time consuming and energy sapping, but it also results in a finish of differing fineness.

Hiring a floor sander is a better option. Because sanding is an infrequent activity, it usually makes sense to hire rather than buy. This also gives the customer access to a wide range of models, including superior quality models for a professional quality finish, together with expert advice.

Usually at least two sanders will be required – one for the main floor and one for the edging. Floor sanders have a rotating disc that is great at covering large areas efficiently, whereas sanders for edging are shaped so that they can sand right up to the walls.

There are both handheld and upright sanders available, so the customer can choose the model which is most comfortable for them.

3. Seal Floors after Sanding

Floors should be treated with oil or varnish after sanding. This has the action of sealing them. Sealing has two important benefits – it looks good and protects against future damage. After sanding and before sealing the floor should be wiped down with white spirit to give them a thorough clean.

So if you’re looking to revive your wooden floors, make sure Floor Sander Hire is your first port of call. We offer a wide range of sanding equipment to cater for all your sanding needs. For more information or help with finding the right equipment for you, call us today on 0208 427 6604 or contact us via our online form.”

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