Published on 16 April 2010

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With Spring in the air and Summer on it’s way, now is the ideal time to give your wooden floors the restoration they deserve. The floor sander to hire for this type of work is the Lagler Trio floor sander, one of most versatile and powerful floor sanders available to rent. This machine is a hardwood finishing sander suitable for finishing floors that have either already been sanded with a Bona belt sander and edger sander, or can be used on its own to remove the old varnish and/or polish from a floor prior to re-varnishing/polishing.

Hiring a Lagler Trio floor sander is perfect solution for renovation work on parquet floors and is ideally suited for fine and intermediate floor sanding, via its three disc sanding system. In addition, renting this type of sander is excellent for renovating solid wood floors, engineered floors, cork floors and stained floors. The machine is great for precise floor finishing, cleaning and polishing, together with the dry treatment of screed and sub-floors. It should be noted that the Trio is only suitable for dry use; it must never be used in conjunction with water.

It is designed for moderate to light floor sanding, by both DIY floor sanding and professional floor sanders. It can be used after the floor has been levelled by any drum/belt floor sander, and will smooth and sand away any scratches and buffer marks left behind on your wooden floor.

To summarise, the Lagler Trio floor sander can be hired for;

• Wooden floor finishing
• Intermediate varnish sanding
• Refurbishing pre-fabricated parquet floors
• Sanding cork floors, mastic and filler surfaces
• Roughing sub floors
• Removing dirt, glue, carpet and felt residue
• Application of cleaning agents, polish and cold wax
• Dry polishing of the surface
Not to be used for wet sanding jobs of any kind!

Manufactured in the EC, this CE approved piece of equipment provides sensor-monitored dust-free operation, combining the twin benefits to the wider environment and the health of the operator. Contact us for all the features and benefits of all types of floor sanders and for all the very latest in varnishes and consumables, click on, for a regular updates.

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