Published on 16 September 2010

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When I started out sanding my softwood floor I was offered a Hiretech 8” drum floor sander to hire, as this was deemed to be the correct floor sanding machine for my particular application.

However, as I researched the subject of floor sanding, I soon discovered that there are a number of sanding machines available to rent, with each one being recommended for different floor sanding tasks. One particular machine that caught my eye is the Bona 10” floor sander, a sturdy looking machine stated to be ideally suited for sanding oak floors, sanding teak floors and sanding parquet floors. The Bona 10” sander is a powerful, lever operated sanding tool, with a very efficient dust collection system, which can be connected to a Bona dust care system for almost totally dust free operation. I noted that most floor sander hire firms will charge a little extra for the Bona dust care system.

The Bona 10” is very compact and can be assembled and dissembled for easy transportation, making this floor sander easy to operate and manoeuvre. Bona boasts in their sales literature that the Bona 10” machine – “makes big jobs seem small” – and after giving this floor sanding machine a thorough once over, I tend to agree with their bluster!

The Bona 10” floor sander has an ergonomically designed handle which facilitates the raising and lowering of the sanding drum. It is powered by 2.2kW electric motor fitted with an easy start feature and spins at a potent 1750 rpm. As its name suggests, the floor sanding drum width is 10” in imperial measurement or 250mm in metric and the complete unit weighs in at 74kg – so please make sure you have some help when loading and unloading the Bona 10”.

The Bona 10” floor sander is a very safe machine to use and operate, but you should follow basic floor sanding safety rules. Always wear the correct PPE (personal protection equipment) – dust mask, eye protection, gloves, ear protection and proper clothing. Make sure you receive and read the instruction leaflet and follow any verbal instructions provided by the floor sander hire shop. The Bona 10” works best when it is used within its capacity and you should periodically let the motor \”rest\” by using it on a lower load. In some concentrations, sanding dust can cause explosions therefore you should always empty the dust bag outside into a sealable container. Use your common sense, don’t operate a floor sander if you are tired, if you have been drinking alcohol or taken drugs which can affect your judgement or the control of your body. Remember to unplug the equipment when not in use.

In conclusion, I found that the Bona 10” floor sander is a great sanding machine for sanding hardwood floors, it is a compact piece of kit making it is easy to get it home in an ordinary car. It handles simply, although I would suggest that a complete floor sanding novice should make some test sanding runs before they set about sanding their precious wooden floor! Always seek advice from a professional at your local floor sander hire shop.

Bona also have a complete range of floor sanding accessories including; edge sanding machines, sanding sheets, wooden floor varnish and coatings, together with a comprehensive range of cleaning products. Most of these supplements will be available from a floor sanding rental company.

As always, my best advice to a floor sander virgin is – if in doubt ASK!

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