Are you in the process of refinishing your hardwood flooring? Need help getting things sanded down, finished and repainted? It’s tempting to buy a professional floor sander outright. However, it might actually work out more beneficial for you to arrange floor sander hire instead.

Think about the scale of your project – could it save you money, time, and effort to invest in floor sander rental instead of buying equipment as-is? You may not have considered hiring a floor sander before, but when it comes to getting your home DIY up and running at an efficient and cost-effective rate, you’re going to need all the savings and support you can get. Let’s look at a few reasons why floor sander hire might just be the best move you can make in getting that perfect floor levelled off.

Floor Sander Hire is Cheaper

It’s safe to say that when you take up floor sander rental, you’ll be saving a lot of money. Professional grade floor sanders will cost a lot of money to buy outright. What’s more, the same amount of money you spend on buying a low-grade sander will likely be more than you pay to rent the most efficient, top-end equipment.

Therefore, not only is floor sander hire likely to be much cheaper for you than buying outright, but it’s also likely to give you access to better equipment for less money. All around, that’s a fantastic deal.

When Will You Use a Floor Sander Again?

Think about this point carefully. People who buy floor sanders outright tend to be those who are either regularly taking up DIY, or who may use sand floors for a living. In many cases, floor sanding is likely to be a one-off or two-off job. Therefore, when are you actually likely to use a sander again?

This is a problem which is likely to face many people who buy floor sanders as is. They buy a great quality piece of equipment, but they then put it in the cupboard under the stairs, never to be seen again. It’s a complete waste of money.

What isn’t a waste of money, however, is paying for floor sander rental. You’ll only ever need to pay out for the time that you need a sander for. If it’s only a one-off job, then you’ve saved yourself some serious cash.

floor sander tool image

It’s Less Clutter

While you might not think a floor sander is going to take up that much space in your home or garage, it’s still going to be space you need to find. When you buy your own sander, you’re still going to need to move something out of the way to make room.

Many people find that floor sander rental removes this need completely. Instead of having to slot in an occasional piece of kit somewhere in your house, you can just give your sander back to the rental company when you’re finished with it!

All signs suggest that hiring a floor sander is much more preferential to buying the equipment outright. Why not start comparing a few rates?

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