Published on 11 October 2011

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“Just around the corner from my house an enterprising entrepreneur has converted an old warehouse in to several chic apartments, all very modern, but still retaining many of the original features, including the wooden floors.

One of the owners of these apartments works with my wife and she was asking around the office if anyone knew where she could rent a floor sander as she wanted sand down the wooden floor in her lounge. In a matter of moments, my wife was telling her about my professional floor sanding skills, saying that I would be happy to hire a floor sander on her behalf and complete the floor sanding project for just a minimal fee!

The next evening I was on the second floor of the converted warehouse inspecting the wooden lounge floor ready to determine the correct floor sander I would need to rent to complete the job. Upon close inspection of the floor, I soon discovered that the wooden floor was not an original but it was a softwood floor that had been overlaid across a concrete base. Using my now legendary floor sanding knowledge, I quickly decided that this was a job for a Hire Tech HT8 floor sander which is primarily designed to sand most types of softwood flooring. Hire Tech HT8 floor sander is a very popular floor sander and I knew that I would have little difficulty in hiring one of these sanders, as they are readily available from most floor sanding hire shops in London.

A quick ‘Google’ of “Floor sanders for rent in London” gave me a number of options and I was soon driving off to a local hire depot who had already reserved a HT8 floor sander, ready for me to collect. As the HT8 breaks down into three separate components – floor sander drum, handles and dust collection hose and bag – the floor sander easy to transport from the floor sander hire shop to the job. So, I was soon back up into the apartment fitting the sander together in readiness to start work.

Although the HT8 is fitted with a dust collection system with a disposable paper bag that takes in the dust residue, it cannot be described as a “dust free floor sander”. Consequently, I made sure that all the windows were open, because I soon discovered that a fair amount of dust residue was generated. I was told that it is essential the paper dust bag is properly disposed of when it is about a third full, as the dust from a floor sander has been known to spontaneously combust. The hire shop had thoughtfully provided me with a number of these bags again on a sale or return arrangement.

Once I had completed the floor, I noticed that some of the edges needed sanding, so I quickly cleaned up the HT8 sander and returned it to the hire shop, enquiring if they had a edging sander in stock to rent. They confirmed that had an economy edging sander available to hire for daily rental, so after completing all the paperwork and collecting some edge sanding discs on a sale or return basis, I made my way back to the apartment keen to complete the sanding job. The edging sander proved to be ideal for sanding right up to the skirting boards and I made a mental note that this sander would be perfect for sanding down stairs and stairwells.

Soon after I had finished sanding, the owner of the apartment was vacuuming up the left over dust, nodding approvingly at her freshly sanded floor. Her next quest was go and buy some floor varnish to give the floor its final finish. I recommended that she purchased some Bona Naturale as the top coat and Bona Naturale base as the primer. Bona Naturale is a new product just recently put on the market and is designed to properly protect the floor whilst retaining a natural and untreated look. I said that she would be able to buy Bona Naturale from the same floor sander hire shop I had used to rent the floor sanding equipment.

Another job completed! I must pop round to the apartment to see how she got on with the Bona floor care products I recommended, I bet it looks great!

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