Published on 10 September 2012

Posted in Floor Sander Hire

“When planning a project, one of the first things you need to think about is what tools are you going to need? Once you know the answer to that question the next one you need to ask yourself is: should you hire or buy the tools? This can be a difficult decision but what it normally boils down to is which the most cost effective option is. Here at Floor Sander Hire we know this can cause quite a conundrum for many of us so here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to hire or buy your tools:

Are you an amateur or a professional?

It’s no secret that if you’re a professional you’re going to know a lot more about DIY than someone who just dabbles in it from time to time. Taking floor sanding for example, if you are very knowledgeable in this area and carry out floor renovations on a regular basis then the chances are you know how to competently use a floor sander and need regular access to one. However if it’s all very new to you, hiring a floor sander may be the safer option as you won’t be wasting your money if you find it isn’t as easy as your first thought. Also you won’t need to worry about whether you are hiring a decent sander as we only supply the best quality tools to our customers and will also make sure you can use them safely.

Convenience VS Cost

You need to consider how big your project is and how long it is expected to take so you can way up the cost of buying a floor sander against hiring one for a period of time. If your project is extensive it may be more cost effective to buy one up front as you also have the opportunity to sell it on after, however you may well make a loss. If you only need a sander for a short period of time it’s probably cheaper to hire one temporarily, this means you don’t need to worry about repairs.

We have a wide variety of sanders available for hire and are always on hand to assist you in choosing the most suitable one for your project. For more information about our floor sander hire get in touch with us today.”

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