Published on 13 September 2011

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“My reputation for being a floor sander professional seems to be getting known around the local area! Following my floor sanding job at the local Church, my next call came from the Head Teacher at the nearby primary school. The school was closing down for half term and the Governors had decided this was the perfect time to have the wooden floor in the hall sanded and varnished. With a convincing recommendation from the Vicar, the Head Teacher asked me to view their hardwood floor and get it sanded, sealed to a very high standard, ready for a looming OFSTED visit.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that the hall floor was not in as bad condition as I had first imagined, it was perfectly flat, and so my thoughts were trained upon the Lagler Trio floor sander, which is ideally suited as a finishing sander. After a quick shake of hands and an agreement to pay my fee, I set off to my favourite floor sanding hire shop to rent a Lagler Trio finishing sander. However, much to my shock I was informed that all their Lagler Trios were currently on hire and they had nothing available at present. With the school on a tight schedule, I left the floor sanding hire depot and pulled out my Blackberry, quickly tapping in “Lagler Trio floor sanders for hire or rent in London” into the browser. Within seconds up popped a number of specialist floor sanding hire firms, with several promoting the Lagler Trio available to rent. I noted down the nearest hire firms to the school and got straight on the telephone to their respective hire desks; asking each in turn, “have you got a Lagler Trio floor sander for hire?”

One hire firm not only confirmed that they had a Lagler Trio ready for hire, but they also recommended that I combine the Lagler with a Bona edge sander which they currently had on special offer in one floor sanding hire package. They confirmed that both floor sanders rendered almost free dust floor sanding and would perfect for the floor sanding job I was about to start.

They also suggested that I consider purchasing Bona floor varnish or sealant. When I informed them that I was sanding a school hall, they urged me to buy Bona Amberseal, as this floor sealant is easy to apply giving the depth and colour of a traditional oil finish, whilst offering safety and durability of a water based floor finish. I took their advice and bought both of these Bona floor products together with a selection of floor sanding discs for the Bona edge sander and Lagler Trio.

The Lagler Trio is powerful, yet easy to handle, moving across the wooden floor without leaving behind any discernable swirl marks. As promised, the floor sanding was almost entirely dust-free and exchanging the floor sanding discs was via an uncomplicated Velcro system. The Bona edge sander provided me with a great finish right up to the skirting boards and underneath the radiators. I ended up by applying the quick drying Bona Amberseal with a roller and then stood back to admire the newly finished sanded floor.

The Head Teacher stood beside me and thanked me for my work, as we chatted he said he was considering sanding his floors at his home and asked me where he could rent floor sanders in London. I recommended a few hire shops in the London area that had a good range of floor sanders for rent, alongside a line of floor varnishes to buy, combining to make any tired old wooden floor into modern, gleaming work of art. He thanked me again and said he would be renting a floor sander for home use as soon as he had the spare time.

As I packed up the sanding tools and the leftover Bona Amberseal, I wondered who will be next to contact me with a floor sanding project. Watch this space

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