Published on 11 December 2013

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“I had a really interesting floor sanding job land on my doorstep. The local vicar had been given a grant to renovate the parquet floor in the church meeting room and he asked me over to offer my floor sanding expertise to help bring this wooden floor back to its natural beauty. Upon close inspection I noted that the floor wasn’t in too bad of a condition and really only needed a light touch and a new coat of varnish. So I decided that a Lagler Trio floor sanding machine would be the right tool for this job

The Trio, with its three disc sanding system, is well known to the floor sanding fraternity as a sander that provides a perfect solution for renovation work on parquet floors and is ideally suited for fine and intermediate floor sanding. As a Lagler has a fairly narrow range of use most people will opt to rent this type of sander. The Lagler is excellent for renovating solid wood floors, engineered floors, cork floors and stained floors, but not suited for heavy duty work. For floors that are in poor condition, a belt or drum sander will be needed. Where a floor is in need of some heavy duty sanding, the Lagler Trio is often used after the floor has been levelled by a drum/belt floor sander, smoothing away any scratches and buffer marks left behind. The Lagler is relatively easy to use, so it can be safely operated by a novice DIY or professional floor sander.

Before starting work I thoroughly vacuumed the hall; removing dirt and any particles which may gouge into the floor whilst the sander is in operation. I also sealed off the room so that any residual sawdust is contained and finally, I securely closed the door and used masking tape to seal the door edges.

I initially used some medium (60 grit) sanding discs, then progressed to fine,100 grit discs, and finally I completed the top surface with some extra fine (150 grit) discs which gave the floor a very smooth surface ready for sealing. This is just one example of the work a Lagler Trio floor sander can be used; for more details or to view a range of floor sanders available to rent, click”

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