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  1. Dust Free Floor Sanding - Benefits and why you should use it

    Dust Free Floor Sanding - Benefits and why you should use it
    Wooden floors are one of the common options in most homes. These floors require regular care as well as improvement. Dust free floor sanding is considered among the best choices for maintaining the beautiful look of your house. Here are benefits of dust free sanding and why you should be using it today or for your next DIY project! ...
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  2. Top tips for using Finishing Sanders & Obital Sanders

    Top tips for using Finishing Sanders & Obital Sanders
    What is an orbital sander? This is a question that many find quite challenging to answer due to the many types of sanders that have since been recently availed to us. An orbital sander is a sanding tool held in the hand and works by spinning its sanding discs in little circles, referred to as orbits. There are other types...
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  3. Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring

    Advantages of Engineered Wood Flooring
    Have you considered using engineered wood flooring? Did you ever put down a hardwood floor? If so, you know you walk out of the room covered in stain, dust and are lucky if your nose hairs are not burned off after breathing in all the fumes for a couple of days. If you would still like the look of hardwood...
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  4. The Biggest Pitfalls When Sanding Wooden Floors

    The Biggest Pitfalls When Sanding Wooden Floors
    Sanding down a wooden floor is a big job, with loads of steps and potential to go wrong. Whilst it’s possible to do it yourself, without the help of a professional, by renting your own specialist equipment, doing so shouldn’t be taken lightly. Wooden flooring can be expensive, so you definitely don’t want to be making any expensive mistakes...
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  5. Quiet time on the floor sanding front

    "When it comes to floor sanding, I have found out that there is quite a contrast between the months of December and January. In December I was frantically dashing around from client to client sanding their floors in time for Christmas. When Christmas Eve finally arrived I vowed that I didn’t want to see another wooden floor for at least...
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  6. Sanding a Parquet Floor

    "I had a really interesting floor sanding job land on my doorstep. The local vicar had been given a grant to renovate the parquet floor in the church meeting room and he asked me over to offer my floor sanding expertise to help bring this wooden floor back to its natural beauty. Upon close inspection I noted that the floor...
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  7. Common Types Of Wooden Floor Damage

    This post discusses the common types of wooden floor damage and the ways to rectify them. Read on for more information for all of your floor maintenance needs.
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  8. Why Should You Sand Your Floor?

    There are a number of benefits to sanding your hardwood floor, this post discusses them in more detail. Read on for more information from Floor Sander Hire.
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  9. Top 3 Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Floor

    This post explains the advantages of keeping your wooden floor in tip top condition and also provides some tips to help you maintain and care for your floor.
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  10. Get The Right Equipment For the Job

    Making sure you use the right equipment for any job is important; read on for more regarding the equipment we can supply for your floor sanding project.
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