Published on 2 November 2021

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If you’ve read every how-to-guide on floor sanding and are still toing and froing about whether or not you have what it takes to get the job done, then look no further. Rather than telling you exactly how to sand a floor, this article will explain the techniques needed to successfully sand a floor so you can assess whether or not to take the plunge. The rule of thumb dictates that you start by sanding the perimeter of the room followed by the larger area. 

If you have severely uneven floorboards, you should begin by sanding diagonally to the floorboards to even it out before progressing to sanding in the direction of the boards. The process involves beginning with very coarse sandpaper, working your way up to a very fine sandpaper to achieve a smooth, even finish. Do not be tempted to jump from coarse to smooth quickly, as the rough surface will heat the sandpaper quicker, causing it to wear down rapidly. 

This means you will use more sandpaper than necessary, and it can swiftly become expensive. Similarly, do not skip the finer sandpapers as this step is what makes your floor smoother and easier to maintain in the long run. When the sander is turned on, do not leave it in one spot as it will eat into the floor creating grooves and dips, undoing all your hard work. 

Do I Have The Stamina To Sand My Own Floors? 

The last thing you want to do is start the job only to realise that you will execute it very poorly or not at all. It’s physically hard work that requires research and preparation, as floor sanders are extremely heavy and usually require two people to lift them in and out of a vehicle. 

The extent of the job should not be underestimated either as a small surface area can take a surprisingly long time. Don’t be afraid to admit that you don’t feel the job is appropriate for you as that is what professional floor sander hire is for. This way you are guaranteed floors with a brand-new appearance at an affordable cost in a fraction of the time. 

The Right Tools For The Job 

Whether you need them for one day, a few days, or a weekend, we can provide the tools you need at affordable prices to rejuvenate your floors. With our weekend rates and next-day delivery, floor sander hire is the most accessible it has ever been. Typically, you will require 3 main products to carry out your task: a drum/belt sander, edging sander, and finishing sander.


Those in addition to a hammer, nail punch, lots of sandpaper in an array of grits, a vacuum cleaner, and dust masks can cost thousands of pounds, which is why hiring floor sanding products is the more economical choice. If you’re ever in doubt about how to get started with achieving your dream floors, contact us for more information and we’ll happily advise you.

Explore our wide range of floor sanders available to hire today. If you have any questions, give our friendly team a call on 020 8427 6604 or visit our contact page to fill in an enquiry form.

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