Published on 4 December 2012

Posted in Floor Sanding Tips

“Wooden flooring is often a sought after feature in a property, a well-made and cared for wooden floors can add sophistication and warmth to any home and the best thing is they last for decades. However, improper care can leave you floor looking warped, scratched and dull. So we’ve put together some top tips to help you maintain your wooden floor.

Proper Cleaning

It’s important to keep hardwood flooring clean and dry. Use a vacuum cleaner on the wood at least once a week to get rid of dirt or debris, if you notice a build-up of dirt you should buy products specifically for hardwood flooring and use only as recommended by the floor’s manufacturer to keep them looking in tip top condition.


Sunlight, furniture and rugs can cause your floors to fade and discolour. Make sure you monitor the amount of direct sunlight that falls on your floor and move your furniture and rugs accordingly to avoid discolouring.

Scuffs & Scrapes

Although wooden flooring is hard wearing and finished it’s important that you protect it from every day wear and tear. Keep floor protectors on all furniture and appliances that touch your wooden flooring. It’s advised to use rugs in areas of high traffic, but remember as we said in the previous point this can also damage the flooring so keep an eye on it. Heels can be the worse for hardwood flooring so keep hard heels off the flooring as much as possible.

The Finish

If the finish has been damaged it may be time to restore your flooring, this can be caused by wear and tear, scratches, water sitting on the floor or just the floors age. The floor will need to be sanded down and coated with finish to restore its natural beauty once again.

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