Published on 19 October 2010

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Continuing with subject of floor sanding machines, I decided to go back one step and return to uncover the secrets of the floor sanding machine I was first given to sand my softwood floor. I had been looking through numerous floor sanding hire catalogues and it became immediately apparent that the Hire Tech HT8 floor sander is seemingly the most popular machine offered by regular floor sander hire firms.

I discovered that the HT8 is primarily designed to sand most types of softwood flooring. It is fitted with an 8-inch wide drum which is coated in a special type of rubber with a reversible sanding sheet clamp bar designed to make fitting floor sanding sheets very simple – even for a novice like me! My investigations uncovered that the clamp bar has been individually forged to guard against distortion, meaning the floor sanding paper will remain firmly in place and not fly across the room the minute the floor sander is switched on!

The Hire Tech HT8 sander has a heavy-duty electric motor that has been designed to maintain its speed even when under load. This means the HT8 can be used to tackle old surfaces, using coarse sanding sheets, where there is evidence of wax build-up, old varnish or ingrained dirt. I also noted that the 4.5 hp electric motor had been graded to work on a domestic household mains supply and therefore shouldn’t blow fuses or trip circuit breakers.

When I used the HT8 on my wooden floor, I couldn’t help but be impressed with the design of this floor sander. It’s plastic moulded side panel and drum guards had been thoughtfully shaped so not to scuff or chip the walls or skirting board at the edge of the room.

The HT8 floor sander is fitted with a dust collection system however, when I was piloting the HT8 I made sure that all the windows were open, because I soon discovered that a fair amount of dust residue was generated. Whenever I mention the dust collection systems on all floor sanders, I feel duty bound to point out that it is essential the dust bag is emptied when it is about a third full. The dust residue must always be deposited outside in a sealed container. Why? I hear you cry. Well let me tell you, and this is no urban myth, there have been occasions when the dust has spontaneously combusted, causing all sorts of potential damage.

The HT8 breaks down into three separate components – floor sander drum, handles and dust collection hose and bag. This makes this floor sander easy to transport from the floor sander hire shop and into your home

The Hire Tech HT8 floor sander is a very simple, safe machine to use and operate, but you should follow basic floor sanding safety rules. Always wear the correct PPE (personal protection equipment) – dust mask, eye protection, gloves, ear protection and proper clothing. Make sure you receive and read the instruction leaflet and follow any verbal instructions provided by the floor sander hire shop.

In conclusion, I found that the HT8 floor sander is an uncomplicated and easy sanding machine for sanding many different types of softwood flooring. It is broken into three components so it is easy to get it home in an ordinary car. The HT8 is extremely popular with general hire firms as well as the specialist floor sander hire company. However, with the range of floor sanding machines currently available to rent, I would always seek advice from a professional at your local floor sander hire shop.

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