Published on 31 October 2018

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Even as we do sanding in our homes or offices as finishing or refinishing, one thing that we must look at is how the method we’ve chosen impacts our health and that of the people surrounding us. Though the traditional way of sanding with dust everywhere may seem cheaper and enticing to some, it may have implications on your health that you’ve never thought off. The dust coming off the sanding job is harmful to your health and those in the house. So, before you get that sanding job underway, ensure the healthiness of the process is at the top of your list. Using dust free sanding has the following benefits to you and every other person surrounding you:
1. It’s a Stress-Free Method
We have a lot of things to do every single day, apart from our formal jobs, especially at home. We also need to save some money even as we strive to have our surroundings in the house looking presentable and safe for oneself and the family. The traditional method of hand sanding emits a lot of dust that we need to get rid of once the sanding job is done. Eliminating this dust is often very stressful as we want to ensure that no one or anything is impacted negatively by the dust that may remain on the surface. Hence, we spend lots of time trying to get rid of it completely. However, this may not be possible because some particles will definitely find their way and remain in the house. The process of trying to clean all the dust is a very stressful one that dust free sanding can relieve us of. So, if you want to avoid the stress, go dust-free.


2. Leaves the Environment Safe
Whether the task is carried out in an office environment or at home, there are chances that the dust that’s produced will get into the air surrounding the area. As a result, the occupants or the person sanding will inhale the dust. It can’t be overemphasised how much this exposes a person to health risks. It can cause both short term and long term respiratory problems that can lead to ill-health. Dust-free sanding, on the other, hand ensures that no dust finds its way into the air that is breathed by the people in the vicinity. The dust particles can affect the lungs of a person or even pets.
3. Protects the Eyes
Just as the dust is dangerous for the breathing system of pets and humans, they’re also a terrible danger to eyes. When the dust accumulates in the eyes for a long period as a result of frequent dusting, the eyes get damaged and a person may end up losing sight or having permanent eye problems. With the option of dust-free sanding, the risk of the particles accumulating in the eyes is eliminated, thereby protecting the eyes of the people and pets in the vicinity of the area being dusted.
4. Eases the Sanding Job
The task of sanding can be rather difficult if cleaning the dust after the completion is involved. This is especially good for the DIY people. Doing the job over and over again makes this a health risk because it tires and may make a person tired.

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