Published on 4 April 2012

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“Trendy coffee shops ………. they’re everywhere these days.

Coincidentally, just as I was reading an advertisement in the local rag about a new coffee shop that was opening up on the High Street, the telephone rang. “Are you the chap that does dust free floor sanding?” said the rather gravelly voice at the other end of the ‘phone. “Only I am the owner of ‘Lottie’s Lattes’ the new coffee emporium in the High Street and I need the bar floor sanding and varnishing very urgently, can you do it?” Rather bizarrely the voice speaking these words reminded me of a freshly sanded hard wood floor – the job must be getting too me!

Before I had chance to reply, she continued, “It must be a dust free sanding kit, because I’ve gone and installed some of the coffee making equipment and food prep stuff and I can’t risk getting and dust in them – do you understand?”

I put on my most reassuring accent and replied calmly, “Madam, of course I can sand the floor for you and yes, I can supply just the right type for dust free floor sanding with equipment that will ensure that your place is kept neat and tidy.”

We fixed up a time date to start this latest floor sanding project and I set about getting the right equipment – to make sure that this rather excitable lady would get her floor sanded without any residual dust.

I knew from experience that the best floor sanding tools for this job would be the Bona 10” belt sander coupled with the Bona Dust Care system, so I quickly Googled “Rent Bona belt sanders and dust free systems in London” into my laptop and, hey presto, up came a North London based floor sanding hire firm that offered the two floor sanding products in one bundle. I rang the hire shop ordered the floor sanding gear and was advised by hire assistant to add in a Bona edging sander, making up a sander bundle at a discounted price. I has been assured by Lottie (yes that was actually her real name!) that the floor was in “good condition” and only “needed some light sanding” to bring it up back to top condition. So I also added some fine grit sanding sheets, namely 100 and 80 grit sheets and sanding discs.

The floor sanding equipment and sanding sheets was arranged to be delivered to Lottie’s new London shop the next morning ready to start floor sanding at the crack of dawn.

I was at Lottie’s Lattes Coffee Shop bright and early, helping to unload the floor sanding tools from the hire firm’s truck. Soon I had the Bona 10” belt sander and the Bona dust free system all put together ready to get to work. The Bona Dust Care system manual informs the user that the system is 99.6% dust free so, just as a precaution, I thoughtfully placed a few cloth dust sheets over her coffee making equipment, just to be 100% safe.

Just as I was about to get to work, Lottie came dashing into the shop, “Did I tell you I have an allergy?” she said in a slightly anguished voice. “Dust gives me all kinds of sniffles so please make sure you have this dust free system fitted at all times.” With my best reassuring expression, I showed her Bona Dust Care system manual which details the HEPA filter fitted into the system saying, “Madam, put away your Kleenex, you won’t be troubled by floor sander dust here today”.

I set about sanding the floor with the Bona floor sander with just a 80 grit sanding belt carefully sanding the hardwood floor. The Bona Dust Free Care system did exactly as described, collecting almost all the residual dust; ready to be properly disposed. I soon had the Bona edging sander in hand and set about sanding into the corners and under the radiators, right up to the skirting boards. After some finishing sanding with a 100 grit sheet, the complete bar floor was soon freshly sanded and looking practically brand new.

Lottie must have heard the floor sander motor being switched off as her head appeared around the kitchen door, I noticed she was clutching a clean white hanky in her hand. She cast an admiring glance across the floor and I was pleased to note that a pleasing grin appeared on her face. “This looks lovely,” she exclaimed. “You have made a great job in sanding my wooden floor, if you could now get some nice floor varnish to finish it off, I can start opening for business – AND NO DUST!” she added, taking the hanky away from her face.

So as I left Lottie leafing through a catalogue of wooden floor varnishes and sealants, I packed up the floor sanding equipment ready to be collected by the rental firm. I casually ran my hand across the windowsill near the door and examined my finger tip – you know you could hardly tell that just a few minutes ago I was vigorously sanding the floor, this Bona Dust Care system really works – a great tool!””

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