Published on 31 July 2019

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Floor sanders are used in sanding wooden floors in households or businesses. When you’re planning on sanding your floors within your property, you can consider hiring a floor sander. Make sure you’re prepared for the sanding project before your hiring process, that is, have the right equipment and ensure everything required in the process is ready. There are different types of floor sanders that you can hire for your sanding project.

Edging Floor Sander

It is a heavy-duty machine that is used to refinish the edges of your wood floor. Places that are hard to reach with other sanders, you can use edge sanders to ensure the floor is done properly. You hold the sander with your hands and then move the machine back and forth with a zigzag pattern. They produce a good quality finish. 

The type of edge sander you choose will depend on your taste in style and finish, and the sanding project that you want to complete. The edge sander will be beneficial to your floor since they remove surface blemishes close to corners and skirting boards, polish your wood floor and efficiently smooths the floor.


Drum Sanders

When you have a rough sanding project, this is the perfect choice to hire as they are normally heavy-duty sanders to handle imperfections on your floor. They’re expensive but if you only need them for one specific job, it is appropriate for you to hire instead of purchasing one. When sanding with the drum sander, make sure you’re pulling it in the opposite direction of the drum motion. The drum floor sander will give a flat, smooth and uniform sanding floor results. It will also remove the soft grains from your floor.

Floor Sander On Plank Floor

Dust-Free Floor Sander 

When you want to eliminate dust from the sanding of your wooden floors, you can hire a dust-free sander. Dust-free sanding ensures that you are left in a dust-free environment and clean home surroundings. When you want to use the machine, you connect it to a vacuum, then it will suck the dust up on your floors. It gives a clean finish to your floor. The dust-free floor sander is one choice that will help you to maintain the appearance of your home during the sanding process by minimising the amount of dust that is produced.


Buffer Floor Sanders 

After your wood floor has been sanded, you use a buffer sander to apply oils on the floor. It is the last stage of sanding your floor, it flattens the surface of your floor and removes any imperfections left behind by other sanders. You should use the buffer floor sander starting from the corner and ensure the handle is well raised. It gives a good finish that is smooth.

A buffer floor sander is a cost-effective machine. When you hire it for sanding your floor, its maintenance cost is low. The machine is also easier to operate, and in return, you will not require a professional to help you out.


When you plan to hire a sander floor machine for your sanding project, make sure you consider safety. Ensure the equipment is safe to use and when sanding, wear gloves and elbow pads to ensure you are safe from any accidents that may occur while handling the sander. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your floors look spectacular, please get in touch today on 0208 4276604 or head over to our contact page to fill in our contact form. We cannot wait to hear from you. 

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