Published on 9 May 2012

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“It’s a fact in the world of floor sanding, you don’t get too much regular repeat business, once you have sanded the floor and finished the surface with a good quality floor seal, usually, it can be a few years before the floor needs re-sanding or re-sealing.

So I was very surprised to get a telephone call from the Head Teacher of the same school where I sanded the school hall floor back in September. The Head explained that the new school curator wasn’t familiar with cleaning wooden floors and in his eagerness to properly clean the hall floor he used some type of aggressive detergent which had completely ruined the surface.

“It doesn’t need completely re-sanding,” stated the Head, “but, in my opinion, you will need to lightly sand the top surface and then re-seal to get it back to its original immaculate finish. We then need to find a proper system to keep it clean without damaging it again.”

So, on the following Saturday, I arrived at the school accompanied by a hired-in Lagler Trio floor sander, rented from local floor sander hire shop. I spent the whole of Saturday lightly sanding the wooden surface using the Lagler Trio fitted with some fine 120 grit sanding discs. By the end of the day I had a smooth wooden floor, without a trace of damage that the offending chemicals had inflicted.

My Sunday was definitely not one of rest, as I was back at the school armed with a couple cans of Bona Traffic purchased from the same floor sander rental company. Bona Traffic is a very hardwearing wooden floor seal designed for high footfall and, in my opinion, ideally suited for the school hall. As the school wanted to use the hall on Monday, I noted that you could walk on it 24 hours after application. However, as Bona recommended that a full seven days is given to ensure proper curing, I made a mental note to let the Head know before he unleashed hoards of kids across the newly sanded and sealed hall floor!

Bona Traffic is ideally suited for heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, providing high durability and bringing out the beauty of a wooden floor.

The Head, with the school caretaker in tow, dropped by on Sunday evening to inspect my work. I noticed them both nodding with approval on how the damaged floor has been brought back to original glory, just by using a Lagler Trio floor sander, some fine sanding discs, and the application of the durable, effective Bona Traffic floor varnish. (Ahem.… plus my considerable floor sanding expertise!)

I braced myself for the inevitable question … and it soon came…. “How can we make sure that we don’t make the same mistake again?” Luckily, I had anticipated this plea and I had already made some research and I was ready with my reply –
“Use a Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit!”
I explained that the Bona kit comprises of a wood spray cleaner which is ideally suited for use on all types of wood flooring, panels and surfaces. A Bona mop pad is also included, which is designed to attract and trap dirt and allergens when used dry. The micro-fibre threads on the Bona pad attract and absorb dirt and the mop itself can be unscrewed and collapsed for safe storage.
In all the Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit has everything needed for cleaning all types of wood floors with a clear unwaxed finish, including all finished floors & laminates. I suggested that they Google “Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Kit” to discover a stockist nearby.
I was reassured to see that the caretaker was eagerly writing down my comments and I felt confident that my next visit to the school would be to watch my son in the school nativity play and not armed with floor sanding tools and equipment.”

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