Published on 6 December 2011

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“Firstly, I have to confess my heart sank a little when I heard that the builder who had engaged me to do some floor sanding in Central London last week had left a message for me on my home answer phone, to contact him. My immediate reaction was that something had gone wrong with the floor sanding project and he was after some restitution. So, naturally, there was just a little dread hanging over me, when I rang him back……… however, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him say that the shop owner was delighted with the freshly sanded floors and now they wanted me back to apply a floor stain and could I contact the manager to discuss the best type of wooden floor stain to use.

A quick call to the manager confirmed that she wanted a contemporary colour and stain, quickly applied, in readiness for the scheduled opening day, she would leave the finer details to me.

I had previously seen advertised a Bona manufactured buffing machine that had been specially designed for the treatment of wooden floors. Not knowing too much about them or where to get one in London, I quickly Googled “Bona Buffers London” and “hire Bona Buffers in Greater London” and immediately up popped a centrally based London floor sanding hire firm that offered the Bona buffing machine for a hire on a daily basis. I examined the sander rental firm’s website and discovered that Bona Buffer was ideally suited for finishing the sanded floor and great for applying stain and oil. It looked like a serious piece of floor sanding kit, with a twin electric motor, making it just right for fast general finishing and cutting back between coats.

After reading through the available stains and oils, I quickly came to the conclusion that Bona Create was going to be just what was needed to stain the sanded floor. I noted that Bona Create came in variety of colour schemes, but looked easy to apply. After discussing the various colours that Bona Create offered with the shop manager, including: Bona Create Amber, Bona Create Aqua, Bona Create Coal, Bona Create Earth Flora, Bona Create Pure Lava Ice and Bona Create Stone, the manager plumped for Bona Create Aqua as this would fit in with her current colour scheme.

With the decision made, I right away got onto the floor sander hire shop and arranged delivery of the Bona Floor Buffer and a couple of tins of Bona Create Aqua directly to the retail shop in Central London.

As I was fussily sweeping away the last remnants of dust residue from the floor I had so lovingly sanded the other day, I spied the floor sanding hire firm van driver unloading the Bona Buffer, whilst his colleague was bringing in the Bona Create Aqua floor stain. Within minutes I had the Bona Buffer up and running ready to start staining the wooden floor.

As I was applying the Bona Aqua, I noted how cool the blue stain of Bona Aqua was and how it gave a distinctive, personal touch to floor, completely in keeping with the surroundings of the shop.

It wasn’t long before the complete floor was fully and evenly stained, which was a credit to the easy style of the Bona Floor Buffer, I was soon standing back admiring the stained wooden floor, which had cleverly managed to combine a contemporary colour with a traditional look.

As I was packing the Bona Buffer away and clearing up the empty tins of Bona Create Aqua ready for disposal, I couldn’t help to reflect that only twenty-four hours ago I was panicking because I thought I had messed up a floor sanding job, right here in Central London. Now I was looking at newly sanded and stained wooden floor that looked great. Satisfaction overload!

So, to all my fellow floor sanding professionals in the London area, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and look out for my next floor sanding project in London during January 2012.”

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