Published on 1 February 2012

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““Oh, yes business has been great,” said a jovial voice from the other end of the telephone, “since you did that floor sanding job in my shop in central London, we’ve a really fantastic response from the public.”

I was sitting in my office wrestling with some paperwork when this call came through. It was the manager of the retail shop where I had recently completed a floor sanding project. Her shop was located right in the centre of London and I remembered it very well. I had used a Bona 10” belt sander to sand the top surface of the hardwood floor and then used a Lagler Trio finishing sander to complete the job. I recall being particularly satisfied with this floor sanding task, as it was the first time I had undertaken a floor sanding venture in central London and in such a prestigious retail development.

The voice continued, “Anyway, since we opened we’ve had an army of shoppers trooping over your wonderful wooden floor and it seems that they have trodden a well worn path right through the middle of the floor. As we now want to a bit of a change around, I was hoping you could come over and see if you can do a little restoration work and get the floor back to its former glory”

The next day, I found myself right back in central London inspecting the hardwood floor with the delightfully zealous shop manager at my side. “Do you think it’s going to need sanding again?” she asked, “only I don’t want to shut the shop whilst you sand the retail floor, I can’t afford to lose any business,” she added. I scrutinised the floor closely and noted that a discernable path had been worn though the wooden floor and if they moved the displays into different positions it could look a little odd.

I turned to the manager, “the floor does need a little restoration work, I suggest that come back after hours on a Saturday evening with a Lagler Trio finishing sander with some fine sanding discs. I can then sand the floor back smooth and apply some Bona Traffic floor varnish which comes up lovely and is very hardwearing. It’s also certified for use indoors so you won’t have any issues regarding air quality etc”.

After receiving a nod of approval from the manager, I went back through my contacts list and found the floor sander hire shop that rents Lagler Trio floor sanders in central London. I was quickly on the ‘phone to floor sanding hire desk organising the deliver of the Lagler Trio directly to the retail premises here in central London, ready to start floor sanding the very next Saturday evening. The floor sanding shop manager confirmed that they had some Bona Traffic floor varnish in stock and a 4.5 litre can will accompany the Lagler Trio sander.

So, just as the last punter vacated the shop with her purchases wrapped tightly under her arm, I set to work with the Lagler Trio fitted with some 120 grit floor sanding discs. I soon had the floor finely sanded with all the offending blemishes and marks removed. I grabbed hold of the Bona Traffic can and studied the application instructions, immediately noting that it you could walk on it after 24 hours, but Bona recommended that a full seven days is given to ensure proper curing. The label went to confirm that Bona Traffic is ideally suited “for heavy-traffic commercial and residential hardwood floors, providing the ultimate in durability and beauty, outperforming any finish in the industry- moisture cure, solvent-based, oil-modified or other waterborne finishes.” High praise indeed!

I applied the Bona Traffic covering all of the finely sanded areas using a brush. In no time I had completed the application and already the retail shop wooden floor was right back to its past glory. I called the manger on the ‘phone explaining that I had finished the floor sanding and applied the Bona Traffic floor varnish and although she could let customer walk over it on Monday, I strongly suggested that should reroutes the punters around the floor for at least seven days to get a proper hardness. I also told her that she could put the shop furniture onto the Bona Traffic on the following Wednesday but she must lower the furniture onto the floor and not drop or drag it. She listened intently and agreed to my suggestions.

On Friday my ‘phone rang again, “Brilliant!” extorted the voice in the receiver, “you’ve done a great floor sanding and varnishing job again, we’ve just put back all the fixtures and fittings and the sanded, wooden shop floor looks great, thanks again, business is back to normal.”

So another floor sanding and varnishing job completed in the heart of London, anyway, now back to my wretched paperwork!”

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