Published on 9 December 2010

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Sitting in the pub the other Sunday lunchtime enjoying the dual pleasures of a pint of IPA and a confab about the delights of floor sanding, the thorny subject of dust arose. One of my erstwhile drinking partners announced that he was wary about using a floor sander because of the dust. He said that he had many precious ornaments and paintings in his house and he was worried that small amounts of dust emitted from the floor sander would ingress into his priceless heirlooms and cause irreparable damage. He had spied floor sanding machines fitted with a dust collection bag, but still remained concerned that particles of dust would still be blown up into his room. He had also recently helped a friend with a floor sanding job, using a Hire Tech HT8 floor sander, and noticed that there was quite a bit of residual dust left around the room which needed quite a serious tiding up process after the floor was finished. Although, he told us, that he was well impressed with the finish and agreed that a nicely finished wooden floor really did look the business!

Now, with my new found knowledge of all things relating to floor sanding, I immediately jumped into the conversation and explained that most common floor sanders available for hire are fitted with a dust collection bag, but, no, they certainly couldn’t claim to be dust free systems. But, rest assured, there was a solution available, I had recently discovered the Bona dust care system, which is available from the more specialised floor sanding hire firms.

The Bona dust care system claims an impressive 99.6% dust free environment when used with a Bona belt floor sander and a Bona edge sander, both of which can be attached the dust free system at the same time. I explained to my now, very interested friend, that using the Bona dust care system means that he wouldn’t have to remove all his valuable knick-knacks before he started floor sanding and the clean up afterwards would be minimal. The Bona system comes with a 60’ hose which means you can even leave it outside of the room making sure that no dust settles.

I also mentioned that the Bona dust care system is fitted with a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter which is beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers. The HEPA filter traps the fine particles, such as wood dust, which may trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

I recommended that he visits one of the more specialised floor sanding hire firms to get more information on this system, but from my experience it was highly effective and quite easily set up. It may add a little more to the cost of hiring the floor sander/edge sander package, but would certainly save in clean up costs and give peace of mind if you have valuable items around the house.

One final question was put to me…. where can I find a Bona dust care system for hire in London? Answer …. Google it!

Next time I’ll let you know how he got on.

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