Published on 29 July 2013

Posted in Wooden Flooring

“Wood floors play a very vital role in adding a touch of natural beauty to your home, and come with a variety of advantages over other flooring materials. As well as being easy to clean, they also come with a lot of health and environmental benefits. However, without proper care and maintenance, they can easily get damaged and fail to serve their intended purpose. That’s why we at Floor Sander Hire Company find it necessary to help you identify common types of wood floor damage and how to fix them at an early stage.

1. Scratches
Depending on traffic and usage, your wood floor can either get minor or serious scratches. Minor scratches are often very easy to fix, requiring a small amount of work which includes sanding down the scratches, before sealing and filling them. However, if the scratches are very large and ugly in appearance, more work will be needed. You will have to get rid of wax from the affected area, fill the area with wood putty, and then allow it to dry before sanding it with any of our state-of-the-art and recommended sanders.

2. Water Stains
At some point, it’s likely that your cherished floor will end up getting water stains. To fix the problem of water stains, remove all the wax from the affected area and then use one of our fine Bona Buffer pads and Carl’s oils to rub the area for a smooth finish.

3. Burns
There are so many ways through which wood floors can get burn marks. It can be from a hot cooking pan or a burning cigarette. For minor burns, simply sand the affected area and then wipe it clean before refinishing. For deeper burns, you have to cut away the burnt area and add wood putty. Once the putty is dry, sand and refinish the area.

4. Acidic or Basic Stains
Fingernail polish, bleach, battery acid, and citrus juice are some of the common household acidic and basic liquids that can damage your wood flooring. Once they spill on the floor, they break down the cellulose in the wood, causing the affected area to turn dark. To get rid of the dark colour from your wood floor, wipe it with a clean rag and then sand it before refinishing.

Here at Floor Sander Hire we offer a wide range of sanders which are specifically designed to offer a fine and high-quality finish to any type of wood flooring. They are usually available for hire for 24-hour and 48-hour periods or longer, depending on the extent of damage. For more information on sander hire, be sure to get in touch with us on 0208 427 6604 or use our website’s online contact form.”

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