Published on 7 November 2011

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““Floor sanding in Central London!” This was my anguished retort when my better half suddenly announced she had found a new floor sanding job for me to tackle. Apparently, her friend’s builder husband had got a refit job in some clothing shop right in centre of London and the wooden floor was in urgent need of restoration. My wife didn’t hesitate to offer my floor sanding services, even if it was in Central London.

After a brief telephone conversation with the builder I quickly came to the conclusion that that this job was going to require a Bona belt sander with a Bona edge sander and a top quality finishing floor sander, like the Lagler Trio. I had been informed that parking was very restricted in the area, so I decided I would rent the floor sanding equipment and get it delivered straight from the floor sanding hire shop directly to the site.

I flipped open my laptop and Googled “floor sander hire in central London” hoping to find a nearby floor sander hire firms that would transport the sanding tools into London, ready for me to use. I thoughtfully added the search terms, “Bona floor sanders in Central London and Lagler Trio sander for hire in Central London”; as I, correctly, reckoned that this would direct my hunt for floor sanding machinery a little more accurately.

Up popped a centrally based London hire firm which included both the Bona sanders and the Lagler Trio in their hire fleet under the listing titled – “Floor Sanding Tools and Equipment”. I quickly clicked on their number with my Blackberry and within a few moments I had secured the delivery of the Bona and Lagler machines, directly to site, for early the following morning. I asked the hire shop to include some floor sanding belts and discs of various grit sizes on a sale or return basis. Now, let’s get some sleep, ready to start this important floor sanding job in the heart of Central London.

The London Underground safely whisked me to site at 7.00am and I immediately inspected the wooden floor I was about sand and restore. The contractors had kindly removed all of the shop fittings, so I was staring at an open wooden floor ready to be sanded. Bang on 8.00am a head appeared around the shop door, saying “I’ve some floor sanding stuff for you mate, but can we get a move on as I could done for parking here!” We swiftly unloaded the equipment and I checked that all was in order, then signed the hire contract and sent the hire shop driver off on his merry way. I firstly, set up the Bona belt sander and began to sand the floor. The Bona 10” floor sander has an well designed handle which helps to raise and lower the sanding drum – which spins at a potent 1750 rpm. The floor sanding drum width is 10” in imperial measurement or 250mm in metric. It ripped through the floor with ease.

Once I was satisfied that the main body of the floor was prepared, I fixed on a floor sanding disc and plugged the Bona edge sander into the wall socket ready to start sanding the floor edges. The Bona edge is relatively light, weighing just less than 16kg and has a powerful 2kW electric motor which works perfectly from the ordinary mains power. I noted that any residual dust shouldn’t be too much of an issue as the Bona edge sander is fitted with an efficient dust collection system. It also has a handy light mounted at the front of the sander, which guided me into the darkest recesses of the shop.

Job done and the Lagler Trio will now help me get a perfect finish. I know from experience that a Lagler Trio floor sander is great for renovation work and ideally suited for fine and intermediate floor sanding via its three disc sanding system. In addition, the Lagler Trio is just right for precise floor finishing and by tea time I had before me a perfectly finished sanded wooden floor ready for varnishing.

I organised with the hire shop a collection time and with a metaphorical pat on my own back, I was proud to say that I have completed a floor sanding job right here in Central London, I wonder where my next job will be.”

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