Published on 11 January 2011

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In last month’s floor sanding musings, I explained the predicament a colleague of mine had regarding dust free floor sanding. He was happy to pay extra hire rates for a dust free system as he didn’t want to damage his property or have too much mess to clear up.

However, whilst sipping a welcome cup a tea and chatting to a work colleague about home improvements, the subject of floor sanding hire rates came up. My colleague informed me that she would really like to remove her carpets and sand the floors of her apartment, but she was a bit concerned about the total cost of hiring a floor sander, edge sander together with the associated expenditure of floor sanding sheets, floor varnish etc. She also mentioned that the recent rise in VAT could also make hiring a floor sander a little more expensive than she could afford.

With my new found knowledge in all things floor sanding, I was quick to inform her that she should consider hiring a floor sander bundle. Many floor sander hire firms offer a package of floor sanding equipment all rolled together at an economy hire rate, making the wonderful world of floor sanding accessible to most pocket sizes. In addition, most hire shops will provide their range of floor sanding sheets and edging discs on a sale or return basis (you take away a stack of sanding sheets and discs, but you are only charged for the ones you actually use) which also goes a long way to keeping the whole sanding package at an affordable overall cost.

I went on to explain that an economy floor sanding hire bundle will usually comprise of an easy-to-operate drum sander (which is normally a Hire Tech HT-8 machine) and an edger sander. Each of these machines is fitted with a dust collection system, but I warned my colleague, that they could not be considered as dust free sanding and she should implement appropriate precautions and cover or remove her furniture etc.

My colleague also expressed her concern that as a floor sanding novice, it might take her some time to get the system assembled and her floor sanding task completed. I said that this wouldn’t be a problem as you can hire an economy floor sander package on a flexible daily, 48-hour, or weekly basis. Some floor sander hire shops also offer the same floor sanding bundle on a weekend hire basis, meaning you can pick up the equipment on a Friday afternoon and then spend all day Saturday and Sunday floor sanding at your leisure. She could take her time and do the job properly.

I also reassured her that the helpful people at the hire shop will be give her all the necessary safety wear and comprehensive instructions on how to use the floor sanding equipment. They will also help her load the tools into her vehicle or deliver the equipment to her door, at just a small extra cost.

So, if anyone wants to take the plunge and turn their home into a wooden floor paradise at an affordable price, search for an economy floor sanding hire bundle at your local floor sanding hire organisation and then get cracking!

Happy New Year to all fellow floor sanders!!

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