Published on 11 February 2011

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In last month’s ruminations on the subject of floor sanding, I remarked upon a work colleague who had a limited budget but was keen to remove her carpets to bring out the grainy wooden delights of her apartment floors. I recommended that she hired a floor sanding bundle, comprising of a belt floor sander and edge sander, as this package combined economy with simple operation. So, much to my immense satisfaction, on the following Monday, she was delighted to tell me that she had spent the entire weekend diligently sanding away and now was ready to apply a coating to bring out the real beauty of her freshly sanded floors.

She was keen to hear my advice!

Coincidently, I had just been reading about a new product, called Bona Novia, recently launched by the Sweden based floor sanding experts, Bona. I noted that Bona Novia was brought in as a replacement for their Bona Resident product and is aimed firmly at the domestic market.

After carefully reading through the Bona blurb, I reckoned that Bona Novia would be an ideal finish for my colleague’s wooden floors, principally because of its ease of application and dispensing with the need to apply a primer. Bona Novia is applied by either a roller or lightweight applicator at an application rate of around 8-10 M²/Litre. It is also water based, making it more environmentally friendly, and is ideally suited for freshly sanded wooden floors in a domestic situation. For those of us who always have one eye on “green” issues, you should be pleased to note that Bona Novia is accredited with the EU Ecolabel. The environmental criteria behind the Ecolabel are tough, and only the very best products, which are kindest to the environment, are entitled to carry the EU Ecolabel. A glance through the floor sanding equipment suppliers’ price lists also confirmed that Bona Novia is very economically priced.

Bona Novia doesn’t need any mixing and offers fine insurance against wear, chemicals and the inevitable scuffs. The manufacturer claims that Bona Novia will not yellow and goes a long way to enhance the inherent colour ingrained in a wooden floor. It is quick drying, so you can show off your floor sanding talents to your friends and family at the very earliest opportunity! However it should be noted that it will not reach full hardness for approximately 7 days.

In the past I have used sister products, Bona Mega and Bona Traffic and whilst both of these products give a great finish with superb hardwearing qualities, I believe that Bona Novia is just about perfect for wooden floors in the home. It brings together easy application, a hardwearing finish in a domestic situation, with real environmental and economic benefits.

So, as we all drifted away home after work, I spied my colleague heading earnestly towards our local floor sander hire shop, no doubt with the words Bona Novia, pressed on her lips. I am sure she will tell me how she got on with it on Monday. Watch this space!

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