Published on 28 February 2020

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If the situation arose either during your home life or as part of your job role for you to use a floor sanding edger, would you know how to use one? Would you know where to hire a floor sander edger from? By the end of this blog, you will!

What Floor Sander Edger Should I use?

A popular type of floor sander is the orbital sander. This is a floor sanding edger that moves the sanding machine in a circle, while at the same time moving the whole of its pad in an oval orbit around the centre of the sanders z-axis. What this does is cause the sander to keep the sanding particles from contacting the same sections of wood over and over. This results in a more uniform finish.

How do I use a Floor Sanding Edger? Floor Sanding

To begin using this floor sanding device turn on the sander and let it spin up to full speed before allowing it to contact the material you want to sand. Always lift the sander off of the material before switching it off. The direction of the sander’s movement should always be in a left-right action following the direction of the grain of the material. 

At all points, make sure you never press down on the sander but instead apply just a slight amount of pressure. If you press too hard you would be slowing down the RPM that it operates at, making the floor edger sander less efficient and running the risk of damaging the motor. Shortening the life of the tool. 

At no time should more than ¼ to ⅓ of the sanding pad leave the surface of the wood you are sanding. Also, avoid tipping the sander on its side as that will likely result in low spots in your finish which is difficult to cover up.


A little tip, if you are finding it hard to see the progress of sander, take a pencil and mark a line on the material. As you sand some of the pencil marks will begin to disappear, just keep adding those pencil marks until the entire surface is even and flat.

Once you have decided you do need to have a floor sanding unit either for your home or business you will need to work out the best place to buy one from. But before you go headfirst into purchasing a floor edger sander you should be aware that there are hire floor sander options. As it happens you could save yourself large amounts of money going down this route. 

If you have a job where you would be using a floor sander every single day, then yes it may work out cheaper in the long run, to purchase one outright. However, realistically most people will not be using a floor edger sander this often. If it’s an occasional job or even just a one-off, then it is much better to hire floor sander equipment.

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