Published on 12 January 2012

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““A health and fitness centre!” That was my anguished retort when my next floor sanding hire job was presented to me. The last time I set foot inside one of those places was when I was collecting my niece from ballet practise and I vowed I would never grace such a place ever again. Sweat and Lycra is not a good mix in my opinion.

Anyway, back to more important things, the manager of the centre was in a bit of a panic as her staff had carelessly moved some equipment around and damaged the hardwood floor in the exercise area. They were in need of a floor sander to complete a remedial job.

From my conversation with the increasingly anxious manager, I quickly ascertained that I would be needing the services of a Lagler Trio floor sander, some medium and fine floor sanding discs and a tin of Bona Mega wooden floor finish to get the floor back up to ‘scratch’.(If you’ll pardon my pun!)

The Lagler Trio floor sander is a professional piece of floor sanding kit, so I knew I would have to find a specialist floor sander rental company to hire this piece of kit. The health centre was based in central London, so a floor sander hire firm in the London area would definitely be the best place to rent the floor sanding equipment I needed. I was familiar with a hire firm, I had used in the past, which I knew hired the Lagler Trio on a daily basis and they would deliver right into central London. So, I ordered the Lagler Trio with a selection of sanding discs, on a sale or return basis, together with a 5 litre tin of Bona Mega floor sealant, extra matt, to reduce the sheen on the hardwood floor. Soon everything was set up for this floor sanding project, ready to start sanding the very next day.

Early the next morning, I was inside the centre inspecting the damaged wooden floor, inwardly tut- tutting, that someone could have been so careless with the gym apparatus to have scratched this fine hardwood floor in so many places. “I hope you can get it back to a good finish,” said the manager, who had positioned herself next to me, “’cos my job could be on the line here, we are supposed to put down protective sheets before we move anything around,” she added. I reassured her that with the professional floor sanding tools I had with me and the Bona Mega floor finish would bring her floor back its previous good looks. A she slipped back into her office, a chap in overalls, popped his head around the door, whispering, “I’ve got some floor sanding kit here for you mate, where do you want me to drop it?”

It wasn’t long before the Lagler Trio was kitted out with the sanding discs and plugged in, ready to start sanding. I soon discovered that although the scratches had looked bad to the naked eye, they were not too deep and the Lagler’s finishing prowess soon made them disappear – effortlessly and almost like magic! I couldn’t help thinking to myself what a great finishing sander the Lagler is, and with its integral dust extractor, the atmosphere was almost completely dust free.

In no time the centre’s hardwood floor was sanded and perfectly smooth, with all of the offending blemishes now a distant memory.

I open up the bottle of Bona Mega and began to apply the floor finish with a roller, carefully ensuring it was evenly spread across the wooden floor, instantly bringing out the inherent beauty of the hardwood.

By the end of the day, both I and, a much relived looking health centre manager, were standing hand on hips, admiring the wooden floor with not a trace of a scratch or a mark. Reading her mind, I quickly reminded her that, although the Bona Mega has a drying time of just a couple of hours, it could only be lightly used after eight hours and it wouldn’t get to full hardness for at least seven days. “You will have to set up something temporary for your exercise clients whilst the floor is fully recovered,” was my advice.

With job complete, the floor sanding hire shop despatched their driver and I was soon helping him load the Lagler Trio, whilst his assistant was working out how many floor sanding discs I had used. “You’re getting a bit of regular at this,” observed the driver, “I’ve been all over London with floor sanding equipment for you just lately, you must be getting a top floor sanding reputation around London – good on yer mate!” He winked, grinned, shook my hand and then took off back to his depot, with the Lagler Trio firmly battened down on the back of his truck

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