Published on 11 August 2011

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““Good Lord!” That was my appropriate but, perhaps, not entirely politically correct response to be told by my wife that the local vicar was on the ‘phone asking for the “man that knows all about floor sanding!”

Not being a regular at our local place of worship, I was curious to know why the Reverend had singled me out as a floor sander buff – just maybe my sanding prowess was starting to go viral!

“Sorry to intrude, but a little bird tells me that you are skilled in the field of wooden floor sanding and I am in need of some professional floor sanding expertise at the church hall. I wondered if I could call upon your floor sanding talents to help me out,” urged the persuasive tones coming from the other end of the telephone.

And before I could stop myself, I was agreeing to visit the church hall that very evening to assess the wooden floor in question, needing some sanding and general restoration.

I was greeted at the door by the vicar and a man introduced to me as the church warden. “The wooden floor is very old and in need of a complete sanding job,” said the warden. “We have just been given a very generous grant to get the complete building up to scratch and naturally that includes having a nicely varnished wooden floor,” added the vicar.

I ruefully surveyed the tarnished wooden expanse that was laid out in front of me, immediately thinking to myself, that this floor was going to need some professional floor sanding equipment to get this back to its’ original glory. It quickly became apparent that the floor was made from oak and that it probably hadn’t been sanded since the floor was laid many years ago.

“Well, what can you do for us?” enquired the vicar and warden in close unison. I told them that they will need a professional floor sander such as the Bona 10” sander and a Bona edge sander to complete the job. I also mentioned that if they wanted a truly high quality finish, they should consider using a Bona buffer which is the best way to apply oil and stain for a final quality finish.

Within seconds I heard my voice agreeing to hire the floor sanding equipment and offering to do the complete sanding job. “Just let me know how much it all costs to hire the sanding tools,” said the vicar, “and I will settle up with you when you’ve finished,” he added.

So, off I went to the local floor sanding hire shop and I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had extended their economically priced floor sanding hire bundle to include the Bona 10 inch machine with the Bona edge sander. They also had a new Bona buffer available to hire, so with this, and a selection of floor sanding sheets and edge sanding discs tucked under my arm, I was off to restore the wooden floor of the church hall.

Although the Bona floor sander offers excellent dust extraction, it is not entirely dust free, but in the interests of church funds I declined the offer of a dust free Bona dust care system, opting instead to open all the windows of the hall before I started sanding. The Bona ripped through the floor with consummate ease, making good all the scratches, marks and blemishes. The Bona edging sander, with its unique ability to sand underneath radiators and cupboards, made light work of the edges. I then hooked up the Bona buffer and added the recommended Bona liquids to complete the sanding job. I noted that the Bona buffer has two speeds, which really helped me to get a great finish.

As I stood proudly studying my latest floor sanding project, the vicar appeared alongside me, “Well praise be,” he exclaimed, “I can hardly recognise the old place, you have done a fantastic sanding job here – the scouts, guides, mums and toddlers and everyone else that uses the hall will be most pleased,” he contended.

As I packed up the sanding equipment, I must admit to having a feeling of fine satisfaction, but whether that would extend to me being in the pews on Sunday was another matter indeed!!

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