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  1. With a Bona Edge sander you too can have perfect sanded floor

    In my past musings on the art of floor sanding, I have concentrated on the use of a trio of floor sanders, including the Hire Tech HT8, the Lagler Trio and the Bona 10”. Generally speaking, the Hiretech floor sanding machines are available from most general tool hire outlets and the Lagler and Bona products from specialist floor sanding hire...
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  2. Hi-Tech Floor Sanding from Hire Tech

    Continuing with subject of floor sanding machines, I decided to go back one step and return to uncover the secrets of the floor sanding machine I was first given to sand my softwood floor.
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  3. Floor Sanders for Hire

    Sanding a floor can greatly improve its appearance, but it may not be cost effective to buy. This article suggests sander hire as a viable alternative.
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  4. Drum Floor Sander Hire

    This latest news post from Floor Sander Hire discusses how their drum floor sander hire service can be used to increase the appearance of any wooden floor.
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  5. The Bona 10” Floor Sander – Hire a Hardwood Sander

    When I started out sanding my softwood floor I was offered a Hiretech 8” drum floor sander to hire, as this was deemed to be the correct floor sanding machine for my particular application.
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  6. Belt Floor Sander

    Need to know where to hire a belt floor sander? This latest news post from Floor Sander Hire discusses the range of products and services they have available.
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  7. Safely Sand a Stricken Surface

    Whilst discussing my investigations into the science of wooden floor sanding with a neighbour, he commented to me that he wouldn’t be too keen on using a floor sander because he wasn’t an “expert” when it came to using professional power tools. I told him that once you got used to using a floor sander, it is actually was quite easy to get a good sanded finish. But his comments made think, what actually are the safety aspects we should all observe when hiring or using a floor sander? I feel another floor sander article coming on ……
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  8. Professional Floor Sander

    This latest post discusses the professional service that Floor Sander Hire can offer to various businesses and home owners.
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  9. True Grit – all about Floor Sanding Sheets

    So, after a highly successful and enjoyable floor sanding exercise, I became fascinated about the art of sanding floors, so I decided to delve deep into the science behind floor sanding.
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  10. Hire a Sander!

    After several days of concerted ‘encouragement’ from the better half, I decided that this May Bank Holiday was going to be the perfect weekend to get down to sanding my softwood dining room floor. We had been invited to dinner at friends at the previous weekend and my partner had, rather embarrassingly, spent more time drooling over their highly polished sanded wooden floor than she did over the sumptuous meal we were being served! So I knew what to expect – I would have to become a professional floor sander!
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