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  • Common Types Of Wooden Floor Damage

    Wood floors play a very vital role in adding a touch of natural beauty to your home, and come with a variety of advantages over other flooring materials. As well as being easy to clean, they also come with a lot of health and environmental benefits. However, without proper care and maintenance, they can easily get damaged and fail to serve their intended purpose. That's why we at Floor Sander Hire Company find it necessary to help you identify common types of wood floor damage and how to fix them at an early stage. 1. Scratches Depending on traffic and usage, your wood floor can either get minor or serious scratches. Minor scratches are often very easy to fix, requiring a small amount of work which includes sanding down the scratches, before sealing and filling them. However, if the scratches are very large and ugly in appearance, more work will be needed. You will have to get rid of wax from the affected area, fill the area with wood putty, and then allow it to dry before sanding it w Continue Reading...

  • Why Should You Sand Your Floor?

    Wooden floors can have a huge impact on an area, if they are well maintained and cared for properly they can add timeless character to any room. There are a number of reasons why you should sand your floors, from aesthetics to functionality. We here at Floor Sander Hire are here to explain the advantages of sanding your floor: Aesthetics Worn and scuffed flooring is never a good look; it often makes the room or area look extremely old. If you have wooden floors they should be kept in good condition and depending on how well they are maintained, should only need to be re-sanded every five to ten years. The appearance of freshly sanded and polished floors can add style and elegance to a home, as well as adding value. Functionality How often your floor needs to be sanded will depend on the type of area it is in, a space with heavy floor traffic such as a hallway will require more maintenance than a bedroom. Worn wooden floors can often become rough and unmanageable, particularly when dirt Continue Reading...

  • Sanding a Parquet Floor

    I had a really interesting floor sanding job land on my doorstep. The local vicar had been given a grant to renovate the parquet floor in the church meeting room and he asked me over to offer my floor sanding expertise to help bring this wooden floor back to its natural beauty. Upon close inspection I noted that the floor wasn’t in too bad of a condition and really only needed a light touch and a new coat of varnish. So I decided that a Lagler Trio floor sanding machine would be the right tool for this job The Trio, with its three disc sanding system, is well known to the floor sanding fraternity as a sander that provides a perfect solution for renovation work on parquet floors and is ideally suited for fine and intermediate floor sanding. As a Lagler has a fairly narrow range of use most people will opt to rent this type of sander. The Lagler is excellent for renovating solid wood floors, engineered floors, cork floors and stained floors, but not suited for heavy duty work. For floo Continue Reading...

  • Top 3 Tips to Maintain Your Wooden Floor

    Wooden floors are popular for good reason - they are long lasting, low maintenance, easy to clean, hygienic, and have a timeless elegant appeal. Houses with beautiful wooden floors are in higher demand amongst buyers and sell more easily as well as adding to the value of a property, so it is well worth keeping floors in great condition. This is easy to do by following three simple tips. 1. Sand Floors to Give them a New Lease of Life Wooden floors are not immune to damage, and over the years they may become scuffed, worn, scratched or dented. This can be due to a number of reasons, including moving furniture and general wear and tear. The good news is that this damage can be remedied simply by sanding the floor – a far easier prospect than fitting new carpets. 2. Use the Right Sander Various sanding options are available to anyone wanting to renew their wooden floor and bring it back to life. The first is simply to use sandpaper, however while this may be fine for very small areas, i Continue Reading...

  • Get The Right Equipment For the Job

    Using the correct equipment for a particular job is essential for ensuring that the work done will be to a high standard and will last. Here at Floor Sander Hire we have a range of equipment for sanding that are perfect for any job. Economy Edging Sander The edges of a floor are always difficult to sand with a normal floor sander. That’s why an edging sander is great for sanding the edges of any type of wood floor. It’s also useful for smaller and hard to reach places as well as stair treads. Economy Drum Sander A drum sander is used for general sanding work. They are especially effective for the renovation of pine floorboards or softwood. Economy Finishing Sander A finishing sander is great for screen and re-coat of stained floors. It’s a powerful piece of equipment that is easy to use and is very versatile. It can be used to sand all types of wood. Trio Finishing Sander This sander provides a professional and quality finish and adds a high class finish to your hardwood flooring Continue Reading...

  • Quiet time on the floor sanding front

    When it comes to floor sanding, I have found out that there is quite a contrast between the months of December and January. In December I was frantically dashing around from client to client sanding their floors in time for Christmas. When Christmas Eve finally arrived I vowed that I didn’t want to see another wooden floor for at least a week. Even the manager at my local floor sander rental shop must have been sick of the sight of me, although he did slip me a nice bottle of brandy in appreciation of all the floor sanders I had hired from him during the month. When I got over the New Year festivities I was refreshed and ready to start work again so I sat back ready for the ‘phone to start ringing. How wrong was I! It seemed that the whole world had gone to sleep and any demand for my floor sanding prowess was simply just not in contention. So, to occupy my lonely days, I decided to do a little investigation work on the types of floor sanders that were available to hire, just to ma Continue Reading...

  • A Floor Sanding Consultant

    “Are you the London floor sanding man?” I had just entered a recently renovated warehouse in South London and I was being greeted by an earnest looking, chiffon clad lady, flourishing a fake smile and with tan to match. “You’ve come to sand my consulting room floor haven’t you?” she continued. I looked across the open expanse of the ‘consulting room’ and my eyes rested upon a lovely, but worn, old oak floor made up from solid wooden floorboards. “That’s me,” I replied, trying hard not to engage her at eye level. “This is a really good solid floor, you know, I am sure that with a good sanding and the right varnish and sealant it will come lovely,” I said without still being quite able to look her properly in the face. “I’m not expecting hoards of people to wander across the floor,” she added looking thoughtfully. “I only take one or two consultations a day, so a light, natural looking floor varnish would be just perfect,” she added. I wandered around Continue Reading...

  • How to Maintain a Wooden Floor

    Wooden flooring is often a sought after feature in a property, a well-made and cared for wooden floors can add sophistication and warmth to any home and the best thing is they last for decades. However, improper care can leave you floor looking warped, scratched and dull. So we’ve put together some top tips to help you maintain your wooden floor. Proper Cleaning It’s important to keep hardwood flooring clean and dry. Use a vacuum cleaner on the wood at least once a week to get rid of dirt or debris, if you notice a build-up of dirt you should buy products specifically for hardwood flooring and use only as recommended by the floor’s manufacturer to keep them looking in tip top condition. Fading Sunlight, furniture and rugs can cause your floors to fade and discolour. Make sure you monitor the amount of direct sunlight that falls on your floor and move your furniture and rugs accordingly to avoid discolouring. Scuffs & Scrapes Although wooden flooring is hard wearing and finish Continue Reading...

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